When I decided to start investing in the stock market, many people discouraged me. Some said it’s all about luck, and some said it’s all corrupted. But then I got even more desperate to know how to make money in stocks. Believe me or not, I lost quite some money when I was a beginner, but soon I realized some critical aspects of the stock market.

In today’s article, I will share some essential tips on making money in stocks with you. Believe me, if you follow these, you will never have to look behind anymore. You will know everything here, starting from how to buy stocks, and how to invest in stocks, and how to sell stocks, etc.


How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System In Good Times Or Bad

How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System In Good Times Or Bad

Before we tell you how to make money in stocks, make sure you have a brokerage account. If you don’t have one, you can open one now also. Once you open that, follow these tips, and stay invested in the stock market.

1: Figure Out Your Trading Pattern

In my long experience in the stock market, I have met two kinds of traders. One is a big follower of fundamental investing, and the other ones are spectators. So now, you may ask what the difference between these two types is? 

Figure Out Your Trading Pattern

Well, the difference lies in the way they view the stock price. Investors who are fans of fundamental investing don’t prioritize the stock price that much. But, the spectators observe the market value of a company before they buy their stocks. So, if you want to know how to make money in stocks, you must know how to invest in stocks first.

2: Don’t Think What Everyone Else Is Thinking

You may come across some people who always observe what others are doing and follow the trend. Well, this may not be a good strategy when you want to know how to buy stocks. When all of your acquaintances are purchasing a stock, make sure you buy another one. When all of them are ignoring a stock, make sure you buy that one.

In this way, you will know the simple tricks of how to make money in stocks. Of course, if you do what everyone else is doing, there will be a 50-50 chance of winning or losing. But, if you go solo, the chances of winning will increase.

3: Don’t Wait Too Much

If you see that a stock you repurchased a few months ago is going upwards now, sell it immediately. Don’t try to time the stock market because you never know when the wheel of fortune will turn against you. It has a sporadic rate of success because when you wait too much, your chances of earning a potential profit keep on reducing.

Therefore, if you want to know how to make money in stocks, make instant decisions. Don’t rely on anyone else but yourself because only you have studied the pattern, and it’s your money. If you plan to invest in a thing and expect a higher ROI, you must remember this tip.

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4: Have A Concrete Investment Approach

If you study the stock market closely, you will see the stocks that people never expected to fall have also given some shocking moments to investors. This is because the economic volatility in the stock market is quite unpredictable, so you can never guess what will happen the next moment.

Therefore, make sure you have a disciplined approach when you make your investment. People who have a systematic approach have been known to earn the potential amount of money from the market. So, the best way to understand how to make money in stocks will be through a concrete investment approach. 

5: Don’t Be Emotional While Taking The Decisions

I have seen people lose lump sum money in the stock market when they make decisions. You must know that it’s all about the correct decision and the correct moment, so how can you be emotional during those times? You may end up investing in the wrong share also if you stay emotional.

So, one of the essential tips on making money in stocks will be not being emotional while making decisions. Don’t be too greedy, or don’t be too fearful, and have a sporting mentality. You will win some and lose some, but have a solid mentality to handle both.

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6: Make Your Goals Realistic

When you know how to invest in stocks, we believe you have studied the stock market already. But, if you don’t have realistic financial goals, you will never know how to make money in stocks. I have seen people get in trouble with their stock market money when they have unrealistic goals.

If you think you had a profit in your latest stock, you will have it this time; you are also wrong. So that’s why we are saying don’t keep any unrealistic goals. Don’t expect to have the same return from the stock market, and you will do just fine. 

7: Invest Your Surplus Funds

When a company makes a profit even after completing its project, that is known as surplus funds. You must have heard stories of people who got into massive debt due to poor investment choices. That’s why we think you should invest your surplus funds. At least follow this tip if you are a beginner and want to know how to make money in stocks.

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When you start making profits, you can use the same amount to re-invest in your following stock. In this way, you will maintain a safe distance from loans or debts. Even if you are a professional, you may choose to invest in surplus funds. 


If you are with us so far, you probably know how to make money in stocks. Remember, we are not guaranteeing you that you will make a profit every time. But, your chances of earning the profit will indeed double up. So, make better choices and learn how to buy stocks like an expert.

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