Civ 6 Tier List Ranked: Get To Know The Best Civilization 6 Leaders

best civ 6 leader

Civilization 6 is one of the best options for any turn-based strategy game. In this case, you have to know the best civ 6 leader as well. This game will allow players to expand and build their civilization across several eras.

One of the most captivating gaming features of Civil 6 is playing as several types of historical leaders. In this case, each of them has its unique ability, trait, and agenda. No matter if you prefer cultural domination, diplomatic finesse, or any military conquest, these also have five influential leaders at all.

On the other hand, civ 6 provides multiple exciting opportunities to shape history. Before heading to civ six leaders, let me give the answer: of is civ 6 cross platform? Civ 6 cross-platform game is an exceptional choice for dominating the world.

The Best Civ 6 Leaders

Playing the Civ Six game with leaders lets you quickly achieve victory with any civilization. On the other hand, there are some which are much easier than others as well. Below, I am going to elaborate on the best civ 6 leaders.

1) Victoria – England

Queen Victoria excels in maritime affairs, making her an iconic choice for those, especially those who are looking to establish dominance. In this case, Queen Victoria has a unique ability and grants to add tourism always. On the other hand, Redcoat, which is an incredibly powerful late-game infantry, gains extra combat strength in every foreign country.

2) Qin Shi Huang

Another of the most powerful leaders renowned for his authoritative prowess and infrastructural expertise is Qin Shi Huang. This leader has a unique ability that gives players around a 15% boost. This improves construction speed and also enables automatic creation. This is all about researching the Masonry.

On the other hand, a defensive barrier can grant additional gold and tourism bonuses, confirming China remains quiet against every enemy. Why is Qin Shi a leader? China’s unique unit has a large-ranked attack, allowing this leader to dominate defense and offense.

Therefore, with his cultural and infrastructural development, players of this game can build a flourishing civilization that will help stand out in this current time.

3) Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America, also brings a unique perspective. He is one of the great leaders among this civ 6 tier list. This is all about civ 6, focusing on cultural and environmental diplomacy. Aside from that, it provides a combat bonus on multiple continents other than his home, making it an intimidating opponent in various distant lands.

Furthermore, Roosevelt was also able to establish National Parks, yielding important tourism and cultural bonuses. On the other hand, Teddy Roosevelt emphasizes a nature-oriented and peaceful perspective.

Lastly, Teddy Roosevelt allowed him to gain all types of government and granted him immense flexibility. Therefore, Roosevelt’s dynamic and ability to try in several terrains offers a refreshing and strategic gaming experience.

4) Catherine de Medici

Civ 6 leader who is also the queen of France is Catherine de Medici. She brings her political wiles along with expertise in activities.

This happens in terms of establishing spies earlier in the game. Spies become even more influential under Catherine’s leadership. It provides increased intelligence by gathering the ability to achieve surveillance missions.

Catherine de Medici is a powerful melee unit that gathers combat strength. This happens for every level of diplomacy. Catherine has a higher visibility than its target. On the other hand, this unit allows Catherine to recruit both demons. This is in her pursuit of victory.

Therefore, Catherine excels in exploiting other civilizations through multiple covert operations, ensuring her prominence globally. Eventually, she dominates across the entire strategic manipulation of the globe.

5) Frederick Barbarossa of Germany

Do you know the king of production? Well, Frederick Barbarossa of Germany is one of them. In the previous part of the civ 6 game, German cities can outpace other civilizations. This is because when it comes to developing and growing several districts. On the other hand, Frederick Barbarossa gave a great bonus while this king was conquering the world.

This leader’s dominance theory is entirely separate. Once he completes conquering everything, squatting, and is also done with building the later part of the game, then it happens. This theory allows him to win or even control the wealth of resources easily. You can even funnel by creating a powerful military, especially for further domination.

6) Jayavarman VII of Khmer

Do you know that Jayavarman has access to the river? He is one of the strongest leaders who can increase food and housing. These are all-alone rivers. But still, there lies the weakness of civilization as several territories will only have a few rivers for his bonus.

Another problem that civilization has that is hard to do is fighting on the way to domination. Another area for improvement of leader Jayavarman is that he needs more steam towards the end of the game.

7) Saladin Of Arabia

Another one of the great leaders across the entire competitive matches is Saladin of Arabia. In this case, his prime works to provide religion simultaneously and victory and maintain the culture. Apart from that, Saladin boosts faith, culture, and science. He is also a well-known civ 6 best pantheon.

8) Gandhi Of India

Another leader of Civil 6 was Gandhi of India. Well, players, thanks to his quirky ability. On the other hand, he also can get “Satyagraha.” That is why he gains the bonus faith for every civilization encountered. But currently at war, he doesn’t oblige.

It means players will get many incentives and as many opponents as they can fight with. Even the peaceful option is all about harder in a strategy, which is how Gandhi proves this.

9) Tomyris of Scythia

Another widely considered and single strongest early gaming leader is Tomyris of Scythia. This leader can be a “Killer of Cyrus” and also has a combat strength bonus. Not only that, but she can heal over 30 hit points while they kill someone.

In particular, if you prefer a leader with a fast and autonomous army, choose Tomyris. In this case, Tomyris has to deal with fewer threats and the vast resources she has to carry at the end of the game.

10) Harald Hardrada of Norway

Do you know any undisputed king? Well, Harald is one of them. He can give a whopping 50% production. This lets the leader conduct coastal raids by using some strong Viking longships.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the best civ 6 leader above in this article. Do you know the major reason why this strategy game is interesting? Because of the exciting roster of leaders. On the other hand, every single person can earn incentives or unique bonuses. Not only that, but they are easier to achieve to accelerate the game. I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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