Burt Lancaster is a personality known in the world of cinema for his tough exterior that treasures a tender and sensitive human being. This was the most noticeable trait of Burt’s acting – a tough man with a soft heart.

Burt’s story is very versatile as a person and as an actor. He was a very tough youth who started performing in the circus. Later, he joined World War II. After serving in the US Army, Burt got interested in acting and started his broadway debut in 1945. 

Soon Lancaster was in Hollywood. He was the one-time winner and four times nominees for the Academy award. Here is a small story on Burt Lancaster, the #19th greatest male star of all time in Hollywood. 

Full NameBurton Stephen Lancaster
Nick NamesMuscles and Teeth, The Grin 
Born Born: November 2, 1913Died: October 20, 1994 
ProfessionActor, Producer. 
Years Active1935–1991
EducationNew York University 
ParentsJames and Elizabeth Lancaster. 
EthnicityEnglish Descendant 


Early life 

Early life 
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Burt Lancaster was born to a protestant family in Manhattan, New Work. His parents, James and Elizabeth Lancasters, were American working-class people. Burt’s Father, James Lancaster, was a mailman by profession. 

During his youth, Lancaster usually spent most of his time in the streets of East Harlem. He was skilled in gymnastics. At the time of attending Dewitt Clinton High School, Lancaster was the basket b all-star. However, before graduating high school, Lancaster lost his mother to a cerebral hemorrhage. 



The New York University accepted Burt Lancaster with a scholarship in athletics; however, he dropped out. At a very early age, Burt Lancaster developed a friendship with Nick Cavort at the age of 9. Cavart and Lancaster learned the art of acting in theaters early. 

When they grew up, Cavart and Lancaster developed a circus acrobat duo named Lang and Cavart. Two of them joined the Kay Brothers circus in 1930. However, due to an injury, Lancaster had to leave the circus in 1939. 

World War II

World War II

When the US entered WWII, Lancaster joined the US army in 1943. He was performing USO entertainment for the US army to keep them entertained. Lancaster took a liking to acting when performing in the USO. When Lancaster got discharged in 1945, he came back from the war.


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Burt Lancaster, an entertainment specialist, left the war with the rank of technician in fifth grade. When Lancaster came back, he did not have much intention to act. But a producer encouraged him to act in the Broadway plays while he was visiting his girlfriend.

Broadway Shows  

Broadway Shows 
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Following this encouragement, Burt auditioned for Broadway and was cast in Harry Brown’s A Sound Of Hunting, a 1945 Broadway show.  The show did not last for long ( only three weeks). However, this was a good start for Burt because his actions caught the eyes of a  Hollywood casting agent named Harold. 

Lancaster was getting other offers as well. However, he stuck to Harold’s promise. Harold introduced Lancaster to Hal Willis. Willis Lancaster had a contract for 8 movies. This was a kickstart for his career in Hollywood. 


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Burt Lancaster appeared in many good-quality films throughout his career following his contract with Willis. The first two decades of Lancaster’s career were very prolific. He appeared in some of the best films during the 1940s and the 1950s. 

The 40s, 50s,

The 40s, 50s

I Walk Alone,  All My Sons, Sorry, Wrong Number came out in 1948. Criss Cross in 1949 and The Flame and the Arrow in 1950 were a few of Lancaster’s early movie hits. Jim Thorpe—All American ( 1951) and The Crimson Pirate, and some Back, Little Sheba came in 1952. 

Lancaster’s classic From Here to Eternity in 1953 earned him his Academy Award.  He was nominated for the Academy Awards in the Best Actor category four times.  The series of hits continued with the movies like Apache in  1954. 

He appeared in many other films in the 50s. Some of the most notable films were – 

 The Rose Tattoo in 1955, Trapeze and The Rainmaker in 1956; Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and Sweet Smell of Success in 1957; Run Silent, Run Deep, and Separate Tables in 1958. 

The 60s To 80s

The 60s To 80s

In the 1960s, Lancaster’s role in the movie Elmer Gantry got him the Academy Award for a charismatic and powerful performance. Lancaster was also nominated for Oscar for another movie named  Birdman of Alcatraz (1962).  He appeared in several other films during the 60s. Some of them include – Seven Days in mya in 1964, The Train in 1964, The Professionals in 1966, and The Swimmer in 1968. 

Lancaster also appeared in several movies during the 70s and 80s. Airport, 1900, Atlantic City, Local Hero, Tough Guys, and Field of Dreams are some worth mentioning names from Lancaster’s later career as a movie star. 

Burt Lancaster’s Net Worth 

Burt Lancaster's Net Worth 
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Lancaster was one of the prominent classic actors in Hollywood. He delivered lots of hits during his career. He is among the great male stars of all time in Hollywood with a rank of #19. Different reports suggest that Lancaster had a net worth of $60 million before his death. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular questions and answers –

Q1. What Caused Burt Lancaster’s Death?

Ans: Burt Lancaster died due to a heart attack in Century City of California On October 20, 1994. Lancaster’s Career is credited with almost 70 movies and Academy Awards. His 45 years of a long career in the film industry rightfully made him one of the best classic actors of all time. 

Q2. Did Burt Lancaster Fight In Ww2?

Ans: Lancaster joined the US army during WWII as part of a crew that would entertain and perform in USO entertainment for the Army. Their troop was to follow the US Army on the ground and perform for them to keep up their morale. 

Q3. What Was The Last Movie That Burt Lancaster Played In?

Ans: One of many good films Lancaster starred in was the Field of Dreams.  He is a four-time Academy Award Nominee and one-time winner. Lancaster had a 45-year-long career in acting. However, he had to retire from acting following a stroke in the 1990s. In 1994, Lancaster Passed away.

Concluding Words

Burt Lancaster also had a production company named Hecht-Hill-Lancaster. His production company is responsible for producing oscar winner movies like  Paddy Chayefsky’s Marty (1955),  and The Catered Affair. Lancaster played many larger-than-life characters that highlighted him as one of the best actors of his time. 

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any queries you can comment below. 

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