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Gregory Peck

One of the popular faces of Hollywood from the 40s till the 70s was Gregory Peck, who is ranked as the 12th “Greatest Male Star of Classic Hollywood Cinema.” From the stage to in front of the screen, Peck charmed the audience his whole life. 

If you wanna know more about Gregory Peck’s movies and all about his personal and professional career then bare with us and give this article a good read. 

Personal Biography

Before we get on with the details of Gregory Peck, here are a few great facts about his life that you might find interesting. 

BornEldred Gregory Peck,
April 5, 1916,
San Diego, California, U.S. 
DiedJune 12, 2003 (aged 87)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Resting PlaceCathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles
Occupation Actor
Years Active1941 – 2000
SpouseGreta Kukkonen (m.1941 – div.1955)
Veronica Passani (m.1955)
Height 1.9 m or 6’ 2”

Early Life

Early Life
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Gregory Peck was born to parents with Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry. His father was Gregory Pearl Peck a pharmacist and a chemist, and his mother is Bernice Mae “Bunny,” who changed her religion to become a Catholic like her husband. 

When Peck was just five years old, his parents got divorced and he was raised by his grandmother. With her, his love for the movies increased as she used to take him to the movies every week. 

After his grandmother died when he was 10 years, Gregory moved back with his father. Being good at studies, after graduating Gregory wanted to become a doctor, and enrolled at Berkeley University, as a pre-med student with an English major.

At University, he worked as a kitchen help, since he was struggling to pay his tuition fee which was only $26. Due to his deep and well-groomed voice, he was getting noticed. And his height also helped, as if you wanna know how tall was Gregory Peck then he was 6 ft 3 inches tall. 

Due to his physical characteristics, he first went for public speaking but then decided to take up acting. And his acting coach found him perfect for the university theatre. Peck was recruited by Edwin Duerr at the University Little Theatre for a production of Moby Dick as Starbucks. And from then his acting career began. 

Career & Filmography

Career & Filmography
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After getting out of University without a degree as he failed to complete one of his courses. Gregory joined Neighborhood Playhouse, under the guidance of Sanford Meisner. To survive in New York, he worked as a baker, a model, and even a tour guide at Rockefeller Center for NBC and Radio City Music Hall. 

At this time, Peck also acted in plays like On Earth As It Is, and Family Portrait. But his stage career truly began when he got to play a secretary in the play The Doctor’s Dilemma by George Bernard Shaw. Then as the lead of a play, he made his debut in the play, The Mornign Star. 

During that time, Peck had acted in over 50 plays along with summer theatre and three short broadway productions. After these plays, it becomes for Peck to step into Hollywood with his first film offer a war romance called Days of Glory. 

Gregory took the decision of remaining non-exclusive with studios and not signing a binding contract with anyone. He wanted to be a freelancer and get the freedom to choose his roles. His second movie was The Keys of Kingdom, the movie was nominated for four Academy Awards, which included Best Actor. 

Ever since that movie, Peck’s career skyrocketed, from then made movies like The Valley of Decision, and Spellbound, a movie by director Alfred Hitchcock. With gradual popularity and stardom, Peck was not only becoming a star but a major sex symbol as well. 

The movie spellbound went on to get six Oscar nominations. The next movie by Gregory Peck was The Yearling, which gained massive praise and was a huge box-office success. It also received six Academy nominations, Peck even won a Golden Globe for Best Actor

Then Peck acted in movies like Duel in the Sun, The Macomber Affair, Gentleman’s Agreement, The Paradine Case, Yellow Sky, and The Great Sinner. Gregory Peck started getting worldwide fame with films like Twelve O’Clock High, The Gunfighter, and Only the Vigilant. 

With director Henry King of Fox studio, with whom Peck did movies like The Gunfighter, and Twelve O’Clock High. Peck again did a movie with him called David and Bathsheba. Then he made movies like The World in His Arms, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Roman Holiday, and The Million Pound Note.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Gregory Peck Married his first wife Greta Kukkonen in 1942 and the couple had three sons together. The couple soon decided to separate and eventually got divorced in 1955. Peck’s eldest son Jonathan died in 1975, found dead in his house, it was suspected that he died by suicide. 

While he was filming Spellbound, Peck was having a love affair with co-star Ingrid Bergman, but nothing came out of it later on. In an interview in 1987, Peck said, “All I can say is that I had a real love for her, and I think that’s where I ought to stop… I was young. She was young. We were involved for weeks in close and intense work.”

One day after his divorce got finalized in 1955, Peck married his second wife Veronique Passani, on New Year’s Eve. She was a journalist and interviewed Peck back in 1952, and after having dinner six months later the two were inseparable. The two remained married to each till Gregory Peck died in 2003. The couple had two kids together. 

Wrapping Up!

Gregory Peck was a brilliant actor of the 50s, with brilliant acting skills and physical charisma, he dominated the box office for a long time. He’s so beloved that some parents still name their children after him – there are more people named Greg Brickner than you may expect. 

So if you are looking for good movies to see on Sunday afternoon, then check out Gregory Peck movies. Let us know which movies of his you liked the most.

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