Unplugging From The Social Network: A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

how to deactivate facebook messenger

One of the only ways to deactivate Messenger is by first deactivating your Facebook account. It is really fun when you are getting so many messages from your close ones. Now I am going to discuss the step-by-step guide on how to deactivate Facebook Messenger.

This social media platform has a lot of privacy and support issues that impact individual users and several business pages.

In case you are not simply communicating with your brand on Facebook Messenger anymore. Then, it means you would like to deactivate Facebook Messenger. In this case, if you want to deactivate Facebook Messenger, be familiar with some tools. Here, you have to explore the tools like exploring the faith.

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger?

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger?

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has made the deactivation process much easier. In this case, follow some easy steps to deactivate Messenger. Below, I am going to discuss the steps of how to deactivate Facebook Messenger.

Here are the steps you have to follow to deactivate Facebook Messenger both on iOS and Android:

  • First, open Messenger
  • Then click on the hamburger menu, three lines in the top left corner of the interface.
  • After that, you have to click on the gear icon to open the account settings
  • Click on “Account Center.”
  • Then tap on “Personal details.”
  • Click on “Account ownership and control.”
  • Click on “Deactivation and deletion.”
  • Finally, you can deactivate the account and then click on the option “continue.”

Are you searching for ways to deactivate Facebook and still use messenger? Well, this is actually won’t be possible.

What Are The Additional Steps To Follow To Deactivate Facebook Messenger Easily?  

What Are The Additional Steps To Follow To Deactivate Facebook Messenger Easily?

When this is about deactivating Facebook Messenger, you have to follow some simple steps. In this case, doing this only takes a few minutes. Below, I will discuss the additional steps you should follow to deactivate Facebook Messenger easily.

1) Log In As An Admin

You must log in as a user’s Admin to deactivate Facebook Messenger. If you already have the admin rights, log into your current account. Or else you can ask the existing admin page to change the authority settings to the director. So you can deactivate Facebook Messenger.

2) Click On “Settings”

Once logged in as an Admin, you must locate “Settings” at the top of the next page. After that, click on the options named “Settings,” where you can see many options.

3) Select “General”

Next, you have to open your ” Settings ” options and then navigate to “General,” which should appear on the menu. After that, click on the ” General ” options and proceed to the next step. It is scary if you get stuck on any process, like Halloween costumes.

4) Select “Messages”

After that, you must select “Messages” to view many options for your Facebook messenger.

5) Uncheck “Allow People To Contact My Page Privately By Showing The Message Button.”

If you are recently using Messenger, you have to enable the option “Allow people to contact my page privately by showing a message button.” In this case, you have to deselect this option to deactivate Messenger.

6) Click On “Save Changes”

Once you click “Save Changes, ” you will formally deactivate Facebook Messenger.

Are you wondering how to deactivate messenger without deactivating facebook?

Actually, this procedure is quite tricky and risky as well. That is why it won’t be possible to deactivate the Messenger without deleting the Facebook account.

What Are The Alternatives To Facebook Messenger?

What Are The Alternatives To Facebook Messenger?

If you have decided to deactivate your Facebook Messenger account, you might have to look for alternatives. Below, I will discuss the list of multiple alternatives to Facebook Messenger.

1) WhatsApp

Whatsapp, owned by Meta in 2014, is one of the most popular communication platforms. This is also one of the platforms where every data is end-to-end encrypted. This offers community features, voice calls, video calls, and many others.

This allows businesses to create a professional account where you can set up replies, chatbots, communities, and so many others. This makes WhatsApp business accounts an effective alternative to Facebook Messenger.

2) Telegram

If you are seeking a communication platform with so many privacy features to experience, it is Telegram. This social media platform has more than 500 million users. Even through this platform, you can connect with businesses by joining the community’s related threads.

3) Birdeye Messaging

If you are looking for any business where you can connect with customers, then the Birdeye Messaging platform is one of them. This website lets you connect with your family, friends, and peers by texting, messaging, and emailing. But once you can install the Birdeye messaging social media platform, you own the ultimate tool.

In this case, it allows multiple businesses to incorporate all their contacts, such as leads, visitors, customers, etc. On the other hand, you can view all messages under the unified box. The Birdeye Messaging platform helps you to handle leads, respond to queries, etc.

4) Signal

Another one of the top communication tools Signal is known for its diversified features and privacy. This messaging software gives you access to voice calls, video calls, text messages, etc. You can get several data transfer solutions

What Are The Steps You Should Follow Before Deactivating The Facebook Messenger?

What Are The Steps You Should Follow Before Deactivating The Facebook Messenger?

If you are tired of using Facebook Messenger, don’t skip these procedures. Suppose you are planning to play a game like Slope Unblocked then some Things to Know Before Playing The Game. Likewise, you should know the steps before deactivating the Facebook Messenger. Below, I will discuss the steps to follow before deactivating Facebook Messenger.

1) Logging In   

Ensure you have logged into Facebook Messenger with the account you wish to deactivate.

2) Downloading Your Data   

To retain the messenger data, you must download this by navigating to the “Settings” menu within the software application. In this case, you must select “Your Facebook Information.”

3) Reviewing Contacts   

Another procedure you must follow before deactivating Messenger is reviewing the contact list. You can save any critical conversations or other contact information you might have required later.

4) Deactivating Facebook Messenger on Mobile   

The deactivating process of Facebook Messenger varies slightly on every operating system. The deactivating process I already have discussed before.

In Conclusion

I have discussed how to deactivate Facebook Messenger above in this article. With the rise of social media platforms, people can easily connect with customers. Even recently, Facebook Messenger has been a top-priority social media platform. If you want to take a break from social media platforms, follow the abovementioned steps. In this way, you can deactivate social media platforms. I hope you found this article helpful. In case you have queries, please comment below!

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