Top 13 Best YouTube Analytics Tools to Boost Your Channel

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Recently, one of the most popular and famous online platforms is YouTube. This is among other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. According to the Pew Research Center, it continuously dominates online social media. If you want to handle the YouTube business, you must get ideas for such YouTube analytics tools.

Several brands and business markets can effectively reach the target audience. On the other hand, this can even drive meaningful business outcomes on YouTube.   

With the help of YouTube analytics tools, you can easily enhance their growth and evaluate their performances. But which tool could help you to monitor these things better? After all, one of the most significant software tools, vidIQ, recently gained much popularity.   

Top 13 Best YouTube Analytics Tools to Boost Your Channel

Top 13 Best YouTube Analytics Tools to Boost Your Channel

Did you know that YouTube analytics tools are drawn from our extensive experience in this domain? Below, I will discuss the top 13 most popular YouTube analytics tools that would boost your social media channel.

1) Socialinsider


One of the best and most popular YouTube analytics tools available is Socialinsider.

Using such analytical tools, you can easily analyze any YouTube channel and get critical metrics such as subscribers’ growth, top videos, engagement, etc.

It would also be beneficial to know how successful the current YouTube marketing strategy is. Furthermore, you can also quickly identify such practical video content pillars from the competitions.

What are the significant features of the Socialinsider tool?

  • Through Socialinsider, you can quickly analyze the best-performing video content that engages many audiences.   
  • Socialinsider will also help you get impressive engagement metrics, video views, channel views, subscribers’ growth, and many others.   
  • Social Insider will also be beneficial to see how YouTube shorts are performing well.   
  • With the help of this YouTube analytics tool, you can easily schedule YouTube performance reports.   

2) ChannelMeter


If you are looking for such YouTube analytical tools, ChannelMeter is one of the most significant software. On the other side, ChannelMeter is a great and famous platform that offers influencer management and other online video analytics.

With the help of this YouTube analytics tool, you can easily monitor an extensive range of influencers. Additionally, the YouTube analytics tool will provide software through which you can handle discovery, payments, enrolment, and other tools for a fruitful online video network.

What are the important features of the ChannelMeter analytics tool?

  • ChannelMeter offers heavy lifting for multiple agencies, allowing you to manage other influencers.   
  • This software analytics tool offers insightful and effective analytics, especially from top social video platforms like YouTube.

3) Vidooly


One of the best YouTube analytics tools, which is especially beneficial, is Vidooly. With the help of this YouTube analytics tool, you will get worthwhile video insights that will help your business create a successful business campaign on this social media platform.

You can easily use Vidooly to know the audience range, such as videos your audiences watch digitally across multiple demographics. This is likely to engage with your business. This YouTube analytical tool is also feasible for audience insights, especially for content strategy.

4) Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is one of the best and most famous YouTube analytics tools for checking a brand’s performance. With the help of these YouTube analytics tools, you can easily compare yourself to other competitors.

Aside from that, the YouTube analytics tool also looks at other videos across several industries that offer business dates and marketing strategies. This is mainly significant for building a better brand.   

Tubular Labs also presents audience analytics understandings that will help you discover more about their gender, location, and age.

5) VidlQ


Have you heard about VidlQ? Well, this is one of the most significant analytical tools with several features. Aside from that, this provides automatic reports based on the regular YouTube performance.

This app will benefit you if you want to know everything about video content. This social media analytical tool will teach you about the most exciting and relevant topics, especially for video content, to attract many subscribers.

The monthly subscription to this YouTube analytical app is around $7.50.

6) Klipfolio


One of the most significant YouTube analytical tools is Klipfolio. This software app provides analytics on every social media platform, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

With the help of this analytics tool, you will be able to monitor such metrics and KPIs, which are crucial in building a business. On the other hand, Klipfolio also helps you display a subscriber’s chart with the total number of views where your video content got views within the last 30 days/1 month.

This YouTube analytical tool would also be beneficial in helping to get the data about many metrics.

7) TubeBuddy


One of the simplest browser extensions and YouTube analytics tools is TubeBuddy. This serves as a companion to each YouTuber, whether they are a veteran or a newbie. On the other hand, TubeBuddy helps in video optimization and keyword research to support creators.

Tube Buddy also has a user-friendly interface and rich toolsets, making this a favorite software among others. This tool is quite significant in boosting and enhancing YouTube’s performance.

8) SocialBlade


It is one of the best and most free YouTube analytics tools to analyze your YouTube channel’s performance, your business’s competitors, and so on. SocialBlade is a YouTube analytical tool that offers you data such as subscriber counts, the number of uploaders, video views, and many others.

SocialBlade is another analytical tool that has been based on its performance. This happens according to the niches. Furthermore, you will also be able to check subscriber counts and views of a video monthly or weekly. This depends on the period which you are looking to choose.

9) Quintly


Did you know that quintly simplifies the complicated world of social media analytics? In this case, Quintly has customizable dashboards and an in-depth report, which offers agencies and brands a clear picture. This happens across the social media industry, including YouTube.

Aside from that, the benchmark capabilities will also allow users to calculate their success against other business competitors. This further ensures that they will stay ahead in this game. The benchmark capabilities will also enable users to measure their success against competitors. This also ensures that they will stay ahead in this game.

What are the significant features of Quintly?

  • Benchmarking, automated reporting, and so on are the crucial features.
  • The content performance, engagement metrics, and competitor analysis are exceptional features.   

10) Brand 24

Brand 24

Have you heard about such a crucial YouTube analytics tool? Well, Brand 24 is one of them. This modern software will help you monitor such a solution, which will keep your businesses in the loop about their online presence.

The real-time alerts and detailed analytics will give such brands a pulse on their reputations, audience feedback, and engagement rate on the entire platform.

What are the features of Brand 24?

  • Mention monitoring, sentiment analysis, engagement rates, and audience feedback are also there.   
  • The target audience of this business is all sizes.
  • This tool is best for real-time media monitoring and reputation management.

11) YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

Have you heard of the YouTube analytics tools that offer the goldmine of data straight from the source?

In this case, YouTube analytics delves into such aspects of a video from its views and watch time to handle more intricate metrics such as audience ownership and playback locations.

One of the most significant issues of YouTube analytics is that most of its data are available only when it comes from your channel.

What are the features of YouTube Analytics?

  • Watch Time, Engagement Metrics, and traffic sources are available in this software tool.
  • With the help of this tool, you can quickly get to see audience interests.

12) Brandwatch


Have you heard about the BrandWatch software analytics tool? With this software tool’s help, you can see such metrics which you need to know. In this digital age, BrandWatch serves as the eyes and ears for such businesses on the entire networking site.

What are the features of BrandWatch?

  • Social Listening and Sentiment analysis are the most significant and crucial features you must have.   
  • Those exceptional features include brand reputation, audience interests, and content performance.   

13) Unbox Social

Unbox Social

YouTube analytical tools that meet influencer marketing requirements include Unbox Social. With the help of this analytics tool, you can get detailed insights into the video performance.

But this also aids brands in discovering and collaborating with an extensive range of influencers across many industries.

Unbox Social will also help you calcula

te the ROI, and brands can easily measure the success of their campaigns. Through this software, you can quickly refine your influencer marketing strategies.

What Are The Best Youtube Marketing Tools?

What Are The Best Youtube Marketing Tools?

If you want to kickstart your YouTube channel, tell people if they exist and your potential audience. Below, I am going to discuss the best YouTube marketing tools.

1) CoSchedule


CoSchedule is such a vital software tool through which you can help organize several other marketing efforts.

On the other hand, this offers 2 main functions, such as a marketing calendar, which would help you stay on top of the promotion of your YouTube channel. This is also suitable for marketing channels to control and monitor your teams’ workflow.

Let’s talk about the CoSchedule features:

  • With the help of the CoSchedule app, you can create a drag-and-drop calendar for your marketing efforts.
  • CoSchedule will help you share your calendar with colleagues and other clients to outline the work that you have already done.
  • Through CoSchedule, you can manage the marketing team’s time to get the most out of your work.
  • Briefly outline your requirements in the same place so that your team can easily find their work.   

2) Quicc


You may already know you must repurpose the content for several other platforms. In this case, Quicc would shorten your videos, especially for tiktok, or you can use them to create several podcast episodes.   

Apart from that, Quicc also helps you to repurpose content. Therefore, you can use one such video to make several other posts for your website, email campaigns, and social media.   

What are the best features of Quicc?

  • Quick searches and filter through your video content by using the transcription.
  • You must clip the video in your library to use the short excerpt.
  • You can add several branded captions to your content with several other colors and fonts, which you can choose easily.

3) Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound

Another one of the most significant software where you can find over 35,000 tracks and over 90,000 sound effects is Epidemic Sound. With the help of this software tool, you can access and use your YouTube videos. There are multiple genres where you can access such ranges, from dance to hip-hop.

What are the best features of Epidemic Sound?

  • Epidemic Sound will give you access to the entire catalog of sounds and music with a license, which you can use across Instagram, YouTube, and many others.
  • With the help of this platform, you can get permission to use content in your other digital marketing efforts. Therefore, you can promote your YouTube content with the same audio.

4) Storyblocks


Did you know one of the most useful YouTube analytical tools? Well, Storyblocks is one of them. With the help of this analytical software, you can handle several downloading images, music, and videos that you can use on your YouTube.

What are the most critical features of Storyblocks?

  • With the help of this software, you can get unlimited download options of the content. They need a flexible licensing arrangement.
  • This software gives you access to a diverse and growing catalog. Therefore, they can find the stock content to match their requirements.
  • In this software, you can use an in-built video editor to incorporate the content they are willing to use quickly.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the top 13 YouTube Analytics Tools that would boost your channel above in this article. With the help of this comprehensive list of tools, you can easily bring views, members, subscribers, and buyers to the potential YouTube channel.

On the other hand, this is only sometimes easier than how you can put it together. By using those analytics tools, you can easily boost the site’s performance.

I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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