“He who inserts himself between the onion and its skin will only gain its smell.

– Traditional Arabic Proverb

If you are a foodie and set out for a journey tasting cuisines from different parts of the world, you shall fall in love with Saudi Arabia.  Well, Arabian cuisine always deserves the title, ‘Heaven on the Table’. 

Here, you can learn about the top ten traditional dishes belonging to Arabian cuisine. Remember, all the recipes given here are traditional and they are able to retain their unique taste. So, if you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia, do not forget to taste the dishes given in the following list.


Best Arabian Cuisine Traditional Dishes You Should Try In 2022

In the current year, you can try the dishes given here. Remember the Saudi Arabians always take pride in their food. So, do not forget to praise them wholeheartedly when you have them.

1. Muttabaq


When exploring Saudi Arabia, you can start your day with Muttabaq. It is made of bread that is filled with leeks, eggs, scallions, and minced meat. Traditionally, Muttabaq is shallow fried but nowadays, it is baked. 

The classic taste of meat and middle-east spices makes this dish take the top position in this list.

2. Tamiya


Tamiya is known as Falafel and it is a traditional fritter made with veggies in Saudi Arabia. Mainly, you can get to taste the fava beans or chickpeas while having Tamiya. Make sure you look for this dish in the evening. All you need to do is search for ”Arabian Cusine near me” and find a place to eat it.

Do not forget to taste the Tahini sauce with it.

3. Shawarma


Shawarma is one of the Saudi Arabian cuisine recipes that has successfully gone global. However, you can still find it made in the traditional style in Saudi Arabia. Shawarma is basically a roll that is stuffed with meat, veggies, and sauce.

The taste of Shawarma becomes exotic as it goes through a slow roast before it is finally served. The best you can have Shawarma is with Tahini sauce.  While in most parts of the world, you can get chicken shawarma, Arab sticks to its good old lamb, and beef.

4. Hummus


No matter where you stay in the world, you would have heard about Hummus. Well, it is one of the traditional Arabian cuisine recipes. It is fully a vegan dish that has a lot of nutrients. Hummus acts as a dip for the meaty main course but you can have it as a main dish too. It is also present in Turkish cuisine.

In Dubai, you can get the best Hummus in ‘The Hummus House’ or ‘Zaroob’. You can even check out the making process of this dish in the eateries.

5. Saleeg


Probably, Saleeg is one of the easiest dishes in Arabian cuisine. You can make this dish at home with meat and short-grain rice. It is a ceremonial dish that originates in Saudi and is now very famous all over the Middle East.

When on a trip to the Arabs, you can visit the Hizajiyarat Kitchen to have the chicken Saleeg. even,  you can reach out to any known house in the country and have some homemade Saleeg.

6. Gahwa


Gahwa is a type of coffee that is one of the prominent elements of the Arabian Cuisine. It is made with slow-roasted coffee beans. Cardamons and cloves add flavors to it.   Traditionally, Arabian people make Gahwa in bronze pots and they drink it in small cups.

While in Dubai, you can visit places like Gahwetna Cafe or the Gahwa Gahwa Cafe to taste the authentic Gahwa.

7. Ruz Al Bukhari

Ruz Al Bukhari

Ruz Al Bukhari is one of the Arabian cuisine dishes that belong to the biryani family. It is a rice dish with meat and a lot of favors. Spices like cumin, cardamom, and star anise give both the fragrance and taste to the dish. So, if you are a fan of rice meals, try Ruz Al Bukhari. It is really an, especially in the Asian cuisine.

8. Harees

Ruz Al Bukhari

If you visit Dubai or any other place in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, do not forget to taste Harees. This is one of the oldest dishes in the region and is still made in a traditional way. The primary ingredients used in the dish are wheat and meat and spices. This dish resembles oatmeal.

9. Fatayer


Fatayer is yet another breakfast dish that people of Saudi Arabia have on a regular basis. It is nothing but a meaty pie that is stuffed with ground lamb/beef and spinach. While the fried meat inside gives a taste, the baked upper crust turns it into a delicacy.

In some parts of the country, you can find the pie to be slightly baked while in the other parts, it is baked until it is brown.

10. Kabsa


Kabsa is originally from Arab but it is gradually becoming a part of the Indian cuisine. Stamped as the national dish of Arabs, this dish is top-class in its wholesomeness, fragrance, and taste. Rice and roasted chicken are the main components of this dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are Some Traditional Arabic Dishes?

Ans: The traditional Arabic dishes still famous are Harees, Hummus, and Kibbeh. You should try these dishes when you go for a trip to the country.

2. What Is The Most Famous Arabic Food?

Ans: Hummus and Shawarma are the two Arabic dishes that are globally famous now. You can only get the authentic taste of both the dishes in Arabia only.

3. What Is The Number 1 Food In Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Kabsa is the number one food in Saudi Arabia. It is also called the national food over there.

4. What Are The Traditional Foods In Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Some traditional foods of Saudi Arabia are Hummus, Kibbeh, Felafel, and Kabsa. You must always taste them while on a trip to the country.

Final Words

Arabian cuisine is loved among the most foodies in the world. Even the dedicated meat-eaters find it heavenly. So if you want to taste some meat and veg recipes that your stay in your memory lifelong, you can plan for a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Even going to the adjacent countries like Yemen, Oman, and UAE, you can get these dishes. So, do not wait anymore and plan for a trip fast.

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