Vietnamese Cuisine – Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In 2022

top vietnamese cuisine dishes

All the countries in the world have their own cuisines. Now, there are different types of dishes that fall under region/country-wise cuisines. However, the traditional dishes of a certain cuisine win the heart of a foodie.

Vietnamese cuisine is no different. Here are ten traditional dishes that you can try out in case you visit the country. Go through the entries and you can find that the list contains different types of dishes with some unique species.

Top Ten Traditional Dishes Of Vietnamese Cuisine- Dishes To Try In 2022

Here are the top-ten Vietnamese cuisine recipes that you can try while on a visit to the country. Have a look:

1. Pho Pho

top vietnamese cuisine dishes- pho pho

The Pho Pho is a noodle dish made traditionally in Vietnam. It has both veg and non-veg variants. The meats used in the non-veg variant are chicken and beef. On the other hand, you can find fresh veggies and herbs like onions and parsley in the veg variant.

In Vietnam, the Pho Pho acts as a staple diet among the people.

2. Banh Khot

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - banh khot

Who doesn’t like pancakes? Who doesn’t like them crispy? Well, the Banh Khot dish is nothing but a delicacy of pancakes. This dish is made up of onions, butter, and pork belly. The Vietnamese people use the fish sauce as a dip in this dish.

3. Cao Lau Noodles

cao lau noodles

If you are looking for a chewy- tasty noodle dish in Vietnam, probably, you are looking for the Cao Lau Noodles.  This dish is quite famous among foreigners for its delicate taste.

Yet another reason why the Cao Lau Noodles is more famous than any other dish in Vietnam is due to its affordability. You can get this dish for no more than $5 in the street joints.

4. Pho Cuon

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - pho cuon

Pho means noodles when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. So, the Pho Cuon is nothing but rolled noodles. This dish is again famous for its taste. Moreover, among the spices, there is basic seasoning.

You can either use this dish as a regular meal or a snack dish. It would all depend on the number of roles you eat.

5. Ca Kho To

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - ca kho to

Fish dishes are the best in Vietnam. You can try the  Ca Kho To which is nothing but the catfish dish of the country. It is a main course side dish. You can find all the traditional spices in this dish. You can even ask the restaurant vendor to make this dish a bit hot by adding some more peepers. 

6. Bot Chien

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - bot chien

Bot Chien is a flour cake made of rice. You can get the best Bot Chein in the city food vendors of Vietnam. So, you can taste this recipe as an evening snack. Often, you can find eggs served with the dish. In some places, you can find Bot Chien served with a lot of veggies.

7. Com Tam

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - com tam

Broken rice is one of the very famous recipes in Vietnam. This is one of the regular dishes for the people in Ho Chi Minh City. People eat it with Vietnamese Beef Curry and at times, with vegetable mixes. Broken rice meals are quite cheap and tasty but they are quite traditional.

8. Banh Can

banh can

The Banh Can dish is very similar to Banh Khot. Well, this dish is even similar to Idly in the Indian Cuisine.  However, this has a filling. IN Vietnam, the Banh Can dish is made with different types of fillings like meatballs, pork, squids, etc.

It is mainly a summertime delicacy in the country where you can find green mangoes served in the dish. At times, you can also find a fish sauce with the recipe.

9. Ca Phe Trung

ca phe trung

You might think that putting scrambled eggs on your coffee would not be a good idea but actually, it is.

In the case of Ca Phe Trung, one of the traditional drinks of Vietnam, the egg yolk is scrambled and mixed with the elite black coffee.

As a result, the drinker gets a tangy taste.  You can choose any coffee, however, and drink the espresso. As a foreigner, you might have some problems drinking the coffee but you must try it always.

10. Goi Ca Mai

top vietnamese cuisine dishes - goi ca mai

Raw fish is a monopoly in the Far East Asian Cuisine and it is traditionally made in the Saigon Vietnamese cuisine. The best you can do is eat this dish as sushi (if you have ever tried it).  In other cases, it can even taste like a jellyfish salad.

So, as soon as you land in the country, you can search for the Vietnamese Cuisine near me and try the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Traditional Dishes Of Vietnam?

Ans: The Ca Phe Trung and the Banh Can are some traditional dishes of Vietnam. Both these are wired dishes but you can try them to explore the taste.

2. What Are The Most Popular Vietnamese Foods?

Ans: Pho and Pho Cuon are the two most popular Vietnamese foods. These are basically the staple dishes of the Vietnamese people.

3. What Is Cao Lau Hoi An?

Ans: The Cao Lau Hoi An is one of the leading noodle dishes in Vietnam. It is made traditionally in the Quang Nam province.

4. What Is Vietnam’s Most Popular Food?

Ans: The Pho Pho is Vietnam’s most popular food. However, people do not call it the traditional dish of the country.

Final Words

Vietnamese cuisine is much similar to that of the other countries in the far east. Well, you can visit the country if you want to explore the food and the tourist spots. The best you can do is take all your meals from the street itself. This can help you get the real taste.

All the dishes in the article are available in the restaurants but they are expensive. Moreover, you might not get the authentic taste. The best you can do is ask your guide about the right place where you can taste the dishes.  Expect him to take you to the best food joint.

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