Nepali Cuisine – Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In 2022

Nepali Cuisine

Like its neighboring countries– India and Bangladesh–Nepali people also use rice, wheat, corn, lentils, and meat as the primary ingredients for their regular meals. It is a complete misconception to limit the Nepali cuisines only to Momos and Thukpa.

The Nepalese households have some delicious cuisines most of us don’t know about. Although several Nepalese dishes take their inspiration from neighboring countries like India and China, they have some delicious cuisines.

Do you want to know about these cuisines? If you do, I will suggest that you read the following article.

1. Momos


Alright, although I said that Momos are not the only best Nepali cuisines, Let me be a hypocrite for once and stick to the stereotypes. You will find Momos in other south Asian countries. But there is something about the Nepali momos that keeps your soul longing for more.If you are looking for spicy snacks, then momos are the best. The Nepali momos are flour-made envelopes stuffed with delicious veggies served hot with soup. They also top it up with different sauces for an exquisite taste.

2. Sel Roti


Nepali people cannot imagine their festivals like Tihar and Dashain without Sel Roti. It is a fusion of bagel and doughnuts. A circular rice flour bread is deep-fried for a crunchy texture while it stays soft on the inside.On your first bite, you will experience a sweet and crunchy taste. You can have it with yogurt and veggies. 

3. Wo


The valley of Kathmandu is occupied by an indigenous group of people called the Newari. They make delicious pancakes named Wo or Bara. The basic ingredient for this recipe is green or black lentils. So if you want to have a tasty and healthy snack in the afternoon, Wo or Bara is a great option.Also, there is a non-veg option; you can add battered eggs or minced chicken to the recipe to satisfy your meat-thirsty tongue.

4. Tongba


Tongba is a traditional food of the Limbu people in eastern Nepal. This is a millet-based alcoholic beverage famous in Nepal. There is another name for this drink called Tongba– they call it The Tibetan Hot beer. They serve you this drink in a cast-like pot, and you have to sip it using straws made from bamboo. This local beverage is a must-have if you visit Nepal one of the best nepali cuisines.

5. Yomari 

Yomari nepali cuisines

The Newari people have another delicious Nepali cuisine named Yomari. The food is shaped like fish, and they eat this delicious cuisine in the winter. The rice dough that covers the sweet and delicious stuffing inside is healthy and helps to fight off cold. If you have a sweet tooth, then without a doubt, you will be asking for more once your tongue tastes one of these nummies.

6. Thukpa

Thukpa nepali cuisines

You will visit Nepal and return without having one of the best Nepali cuisines – like that is ever happening. My personal favorite alongside Momos is Thukpa. Thukpa, made in Nepal, takes notes from China and Tibet and makes its own version of Thukpa.This warm delicacy contains pieces of meat and tasty veggies with noodles. If you ever visit areas near Kathmandu. While the meat makes you gobble up the whole bowl, the spicy taste will prolong the time of eating. Foodies are looking for heaven to fill their mouths with must-taste Nepalese Thukpa. You will have a great experience – I am telling you.

7. Gorkhali Lamb 

Gorkhali Lamb 

How would you feel If I told you that you could feel an explosion within your mouth eating this dish? The Gorkhali Lamb is an out-of-the-world recipe for mutton. The mutton pieces are cooked slowly while they are drowned alongside a chunk of curry. They use roughly chopped onion and potatoes.The secret of the taste lies in the mixture of chilly they use to coat the pieces of mutton before grilling it. The Gorkhali lamb brings out the best of its taste when served with flatbread.

8. Juju Dhau

Juju Dhau nepali cuisines

So, you had rice and Gorkhali lamb for dinner and are now craving some sweet dessert. Don’t worry; I have got you covered. This Nepali cuisine named Juju Dhau makes up for the perfect dessert after a spicy meal. Also known as the king curd, it is a form of yogurt.When visiting Bhaktapur, you must try Juju Dhau made from Buffalo milk. Many street-side vendors in Bhaktapur sell Juju Dhau. There is a very similar dish named Misti Doi in West Bengal, India.

9. Cholla

Cholla nepali cuisines

Just like the exquisite Nepali cuisines in the veg category, you will find some extraordinary non-veg dishes here. The Newari people are great at making some delicious dishes, and Choila is one of them. It is a spicy dish made from buffalo meat. The parent dish is made from buffalo meat. However, there are options available for duck meat and other meats.Choila tastes the best if served with rice flakes. It is hot and spicy and is one of the most craved dishes during the Nepali festivals.

10. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat nepali cuisines

Last but not least, Nepali households cannot spend their days without Dal Bhat. Many tasty Nepali cuisines are there, but nothing tastes better than what you eat every day. It is a complete dish of rice, lentil soup, and other curries.It is the simplest dish in Nepal and also in India and Bangladesh. The simplicity of Dal Bhat is the most fulfilling aspect of it. If you want a sense of contentment from your daily food, then Dal Bhat is unmatched. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Features Of Nepalese Cuisine?

Ans: Like its neighboring countries, Nepali foods also are based on rice, wheat, lentils, masu, maccha, and yogurt. They are simple to make and exquisite in taste.

2. What Kind Of Food Does Nepal Have?

Ans: Replies have various cuisines. But if you want me to name a few of them– Dal Bhat, Momo, Thukpa, Choila, Gorkhali lamb, Wo. Also, the Newari, an indigenous group of Nepali people, has some incredible dishes that you will love once you visit Nepal.

3. What Is The Difference Between Indian And Nepalese Food?

Ans: There is no major difference between the food made in India and Nepal. In terms of ingredients and dishes, both countries have similarities. However, Nepalese dishes keep cooking cream and sugar to a minimum, while the Indians use it frequently.

Bottom Line

Leaving Nepal without tasting its cuisine is like a sin. The food made here is tasty, healthy, spicy, sweet, and full of feelings. So if you ever visit Nepal, don’t forget to taste thukpa, choila, and dal bhat. I hope you liked the cuisines I mentioned here. Also, if you want me to give you the recipes for any of these foods, let me know in the comment.

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