12 Best Asian Cuisines You Must Try In 2022 [Country Wise Best Guide]

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If you are a food lover, or a foodie (whatever you would like to call yourself), you probably know that it is the best feeling ever to eat something new for the first time. I feel you, my friend. That is the happiest feeling ever. The smell and taste of something new… just feels so right!

Many food lovers like to travel to different parts of the world to explore the taste of something unknown. They always want to try something new. There have also been cases when people have traveled to explore the foods of the tribals. This is what the love for food truly means. 

If you are someone like me who wants to taste the delicacies from every part of the world, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be talking about what cuisine is and together, we will explore the massive cuisine of Asia.

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What Is Cuisine?

what is cuisine

When we eat something, we not only taste the food. But, at the same time, we get to know about the ingredients that are present in the particular dish, we get to know about the origin of the item, and we also get to know about the traditions and cultural practices that are related to the food.

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This is what makes up the Cuisine of the place. The cuisine, to be specific, is the particular way in which a portion of food is cooked. This is considered to be the gateway through which we get to know about the land and its people.

It consists of specific ingredients that are allowed or considered a staple in that geographical area. It also involves typical cooking practices that give the food its main character. There are many types of cuisines in the world. And they are all very different from each other. Some of the cuisines that are present in the world are Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, and more.

best asian cuisines

Best Asian Cuisines: Top 12

Asia is a vast continent and the largest of all in the world. So if I tell you that there are more than a hundred cuisines in Asia, then it will not be a shock to you. However, not many Asian cuisines get the amount of attention and exposure that they deserve.

That is the reason why I have decided to list the top twelve cuisines of Asia.

Have you been looking for that too? If yes, then keep reading the article till the end and choose your favorite. Here are the best Asian cuisines in the world:

1. Vietnamese Cuisine

vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines of all Asian Cuisines. This is because each meal has a very distinct flavor, and that is something that makes the food so unique.

In traditional Vietnamese cooking, people use mostly fresh ingredients and a lot of aromatic herbs. And there is no use of dairy products. People also try to refrain from using much oil unless it is absolutely necessary.

Talking about an ordinary Vietnamese family, their meal would include cooked white rice or Cơm trắng, which is their staple. The main sides that they prefer with rice are meat, fish, or any other seafood, rau (these are boiled, fresh, or sauteed green vegetables), and tofu.

2. Thai Cuisine

thai cuisine

If you are thinking about checking out the taste of the Thai Cuisine, then you should be prepared to taste the strong aromatic yet simple taste of their meal. The USP about these dishes is the fact they are light and yet so flavorful.

Traditional Thai Cuisine is generally all about the four things that they have to have. These four simple categories of food include boiled dishes (tom), curries (gaeng), spicy salads (yam), and ponded or crushed food (tam).

3. Turkish Cuisine

turkish cuisine

The land of the Ottomans is famous not only for its architectural magnificence but also for the tasty food that it has to offer to the world. Therefore, the Turkish Cuisine is also commonly referred to as the Central Asian Cuisine because of its geographical location.

The food of the country is a beautiful blend of multiple cultures across the world, like Balkan, Greek, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian, as well as the traditional Turkic Cuisine. Turkish Cuisine is most popular for the tastiest kebabs, the traditional Turkish pizza, and of course, the Baklava.

4. Indian Cuisine

indian cuisine

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Indian food is probably the spice. And there are many valid reasons for that to happen. However, only true food lovers will know that Indian Cuisine is so much more than Tandoori chicken and naan.

Indian Cuisine is one of the most versatile cuisines in the world. It consists of all kinds of ingredients; the staple, of course, is rice. However, that may also change depending on location in the country.

Other important ingredients in the Indian Cuisine are lentils, pulses, wheat, meat, vegetables, and fish.

5. Lebanese Cuisine

lebanese cuisine

With an abundance of grains, vegetables, as well as meat, the Lebanese Cuisine takes the next spot on the list. Even though the Lebanese rolls are famous all over the world, you might get surprised to know that the people of Lebanon love poultry more than their red meat.

Some of the most popular items in the Lebanese Cuisine are rice pilaf, hummus, fattoush, and kibbeh, which is the National Dish of the country.

6. Arabian Cuisine

arabian cuisine

The land of the Arabs is one of the most famous Asian Cuisines in the world. The middle easter cuisine is one that is inspired by multiple cuisines and cultures that surrounds the land.

The country is known for its hospitality, and one of the best ways the people of Arab treat tourists and visitors is by making sure that they have tasted the authentic Arabian Cuisine.

Some of the most popular Arabic foods are pita bread, hummus, Baklava, tahini, falafel, and baba ghannouj.

7. Nepali Cuisine

nepali cuisine

The cuisine of this country is all about the ethnicity and the cultural growth of Nepal. The food is homely and rich in style.

The country lies very close to China and India. This is one of the reasons why you may find a lot of similarities between the food served in these three countries.

Some of the most common and also the most popular food that is eaten in Nepal cuisine are daal bhaat, momos (or dumplings), yomari, sel roti, and dhido.

8. Sri Lanka Cuisine

sri lanka cuisine

One of the unique cuisines in Asia is the Sri Lankan Cuisine. It is famous for its combination of various herbs and fish, which is found in abundance in the country.

The country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on all sides, and that is the reason why one of the most eaten items in their day-to-day lives is fish. Other important parts of the Sri Lankan cuisine are boiled rice, lentils, and curries that are made with both vegetables as well as meat or fish.

Some of the most popular dishes of this island country are polos (a jackfruit curry), hoppers (similar to the south Indian appam), kukul mas curry (which is chicken curry), and kottu.

9. Singaporean Cuisine

singaporean cuisine

The taste of Singaporean Cuisine has depended largely on the socio-cultural and ethnic history of the country. This is one of the reasons why the Singaporean Cuisine is a blend of several ethnicities. The food of the country is an important part of its identity.

The snacks and other common dishes that comprise the Singaporean Cuisine are very similar to that of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and other neighboring countries. One of the main reasons for this is that Singapore is a hub of the corporate and tourist sector.

The most famous item in Singaporean Cuisine is seafood. Other than the fish and the oysters, the country is renowned for the black pepper crab and the Chili crab. But if you like rice and meat, you will get it here too.

10. Indonesian Cuisine

indonesian cuisine

Indonesian Cuisine is a kind that varies greatly from location to location. There are more than 5000 islands and several ethnic groups. The food depends on all these groups and their traditional practices.

Heard the name of Nasi Goreng? Did you know that it is considered to be the National Dish of Indonesia?

Other than the Nasi Goreng, other popular items of Indonesian Cuisine are Nasi Uduk, Beef Rendang, Nasi Rawon, the popular Indonesian Satay or meat skewers, and the flavorful Oxtail Soup called Sop Buntut.

11. Chinese Cuisine

chinese cuisine

If I have to name one Asian Cuisine that is famous worldwide, then it has to be Chinese Cuisine. An introduction to Asian Cuisines can never be complete without this one. It is more like the representative of not only East Asian Cuisine but also of entire Asia.

There are many regional groups that make up the Chinese cuisines. Some of them are Cantonese, Shandong, Hunan, Szechuan, and Anhui.

Some of the most popular Chinese foods are Peking Roasted duck, dumplings, Kung Pao Chicken, and Char Siu.

12. Japanese Cuisine

japanese cuisine

Looking for the traditional Japanese Cuisine that you get to see in the anime movies by Ghibli? You need to go to Japan to taste the authentic flavor. If there is any other East Asian Cuisine that comes right after Chinese food, then it is Japanese Cuisine.

The traditional Japanese food is made with rice and the very famous miso soup. However, if you are not a big fan of rice, which is the staple here, you can also take refuge in the tastiest udon and soba noodles.

One of the representatives of Japanese Cuisine is sushi, or sashimi, which is raw seafood. Other important foods are Okonomiyaki, Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku, and noodles and ramen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Main Cuisines Of Asia?

There are many countries in Asia. And all of them have different ingredients that are used in the food. The main Asian cuisines are, however, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Indonesian.

2. What Is The Most Popular Asian Cuisine?

The Asian cuisines are very diversified. One of the main reasons for this to happen is because of the vast area of the continent. Some of the main cuisines of the continent are Chinese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, and Thai cuisine.

3. What Are The Three Cuisine Areas Of Asia?

The three main cuisine areas of the continent of Asia are Southern Asia, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Ending It On A Tasty Note!

Food is one of the most important parts of our life. But the case is a bit different for the foodies. For them, food and trying out various cuisines is their passion. They move from one place to another, exploring the regional cuisines.

Asia is the largest continent in the world, and it is no news that there are some of the best cuisines that the land has. With several countries competing with one another for the title of the best food, there are some that are better than the rest.

Some of the most famous Asian cuisines in the world are Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Indonesian, and Arabian. However, the list is endless.

If you were looking for some of the best Asian cuisines in the world, I hope this article has been of help to you. In case there are any other queries, feel free to let me know in the comments sections below. Till then, keep gorging!

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