Its Okay: A Lesson On How To Move On?

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Moving on from a relationship seems easy to others, but when it comes to ourselves, it is one of the most difficult things in a person’s like. Its okay, that you are fighting against the situation, its okay to be sad, its okay that you are not able to cope with your current situation, its okay that you are facing a hard time, but its not okay not to move on.

Different people need different therapy, or in this case, you can say it is a way to start a fresh life. See, who’s talking? This man once took help from alcohol for a long time when he used to be a boy. Suddenly, one day it hit me, and I started a fresh life. And believe me, its difficult, but once you give it proper time, it will heal you.

Getting Started  

Getting Started

Before going to the techniques and tools for how to move on, you must know that there is one thing that bothers us the most, which is that we still have feelings for the person. And this makes our life horrible after a hard breakup. I don’t know how many people have to suffer from this pain, but there has to be a time when you need to move on, not for the people around you, but for yourself.

Time Heals Everything   

Time Heals Everything

Let me tell you a fact about human psychology. Most relationships are not made of love, passion, and affection. They are made from habits. Habits that two people build over time. And when suddenly, someone leaves, the other person feels terrible because they miss something from their daily life entirely.

Psychology says that a person’s habit can be changed in 21 days. For example, I smoke at a certain time every day. So, my body starts responding at that particular time for a smoke. If I quit smoking, my body will still respond, and I will have the urge to smoke. But, if I could do this for at least 21 days, my body would stop asking me for a smoke. Its different than our willpower, which is not that strong most of the time. But this is a fact.

How To Move On?

Here are some ways that you can follow to start something new.

Your Life Is A Journey  

Your life is a journey where there are happy parts and sad parts. Just think that a journey can not be full of happiness. You need to face the ugly truth as well.

See The Brighter Side  

If your relationship breaks now, it means that it is not strong enough that you can hold on for life long. So it’s better that your relationship breaks and now you can start a new life. Who knows that you may meet someone who will be a better companion for you.

Talk To Your Innerself  

This is very important as you spend most of your time with your inner self. Always listen to your inner self. This way, you can explore what your heart really wants, and you can work according to it.

Be Realistic  

Now, it is time to be realistic. Your heartbreak may affect the people around you as well as you and your career. So, be realistic, and its time to focus on the things that are worthy,

Let It Go  

You may think that you really love that person. But, you know what, sometimes it’s difficult for two people to come close and live together. Rather than pulling a toxic relationship, it is better to let it go.

Talk About It  

Sometimes, talking about your feelings makes you sad. But sharing can make you less sad. So, you must start talking about everything inside you and give your heart relief.

Do Not Avoid The Feelings  

There is a saying that avoiding feelings will give you a better future. But it’s wrong, there will be a time when you have to face it, and that is going to be terrible. So, face them and conquer them.

Explore Your Attachments  

There are friends and families who have been supporting you from the beginning. Start exploring those attachments at a new level.

Believe In Yourself  

You need to be confident about yourself. Otherwise, no one can push you. Once you start believing in yourself, there is no one who can stop you.

Self Love Is Important   

Self-love is important. If you can’t love yourself enough, then how do you think that you can love someone else?

Things You Can Do  

Things You Can Do  

There are a couple of things that can cheer you up at the time when you are sad. And once you are busy doing these things, you will have no time to cheer your feelings for someone who is not worthy.

Self Care  

During a heartbreak, one of the best things to do is to take care of yourself. Whenever I feel bad, I go shopping and then go to a parlor. And at the time of return, I buy something nice that I like. You can try this.

Give More Time To Your Friends  

You have friends, right? And they are equally important in your life. Sometimes we can not go to our family because we do not want them to involve. There is no need to ask your friends to listen. Just hang out with them.

Try New Things  

You can try new things like, learning an instrument, reading new books, or developing some new skills. First of all, your mind will be diverted to some productive areas, and secondly, you will get to learn something.

Practice Generosity  

This is something that I have been teaching almost anyone around me to be generous and kind. If you behave nicely to other people, it will not cost you anything. Moreover, you will have love and happiness.

Explore The World  

You must know there is a whole world around you that you can explore. There are thousands of jobs that you can do and make a handsome salary. You can flirt with anyone you want or do anything. And there will be nobody who will stop you from doing that.

Final Words  

First, ask yourself, is it okay to invest your feelings in someone who is not even worthy of your love? If your answer is yes, then I am nobody to tell you to stop your feelings. But, if there is a faint noise that tells you no, then you already know that this is not right what you are doing.

Its okay, my friend, you will not get everything in your life. Who knows, maybe something better is waiting for you. I hope this article will help you to move on. Its okay: A Lesson On How To Move On?

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