What is Rege-Jean Page’s Net Worth in 2024? 

Rege-Jean Page Net Worth in 2024

Are you still enamored by the Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton Season 1? Do you know the actor who plays the duke? Did you know he is also British, besides having African roots? Well, Rene Jean Page is one of the good-looking actors in the business right now. 

With his charming looks and sharp intellect, the actor has created widespread awareness among females worldwide. Apart from being an eligible bachelor, Page has got spunk! Can you guess the Rege-Jean Page net worth?

I will share the actor’s income, his personal life, and the early years of his career with you. Even though it has been just a few years since that page created a name for himself, he has developed a huge popularity.

Let’s delve deeper into this actor’s popularity growth and identify awards and recognition that Page has received on the global level.

What do We Know about Rege-Jean Page?

The actor has become quite popular over the years, especially with the exposure he received from the role of Duke of Hastings from the popular series Netflix Bridgerton Season 1. After all, the series has taken people by surprise, especially with the plot and the cast.

Let me share with you the early years and the personal life along with his professional growth. Simultaneously, the actor’s rise to fame is also shared in the blog.

Early Years

Born on 27 April 1988, Rege-Jean Page lived in London, England. It was in the National Youth Theatre where he studied and took sound engineering. In later years, Rege-Jean Page attended the Drama Centre London.

Page made his debut in the television series Gimme 6. It is from here that his journey began, as he went on to receive and play several roles in various TV programs. His wide collection of television projects includes Space Ark, Roots, Casualty, Fresh Meat, For the People, and Waterloo Road.

Slowly, he started receiving more exposure as he made his first big screen debut in 2010, even though the role is quite uncredited. In the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, he was one of the guests at Ron’s brother’s wedding.

He was seen standing close to Emma Watson, but he had no lines. So, when did Rege-Jean Page make his first official cinematic appearance in a movie with credits? The movie’s name is Survivor, and it grossed about $3.6 million worldwide.


Rege-Jean Page appeared in several movies, including Sylvie’s Love, The Merchant of Venice, and Mortal Engines. He also made significant appearances in Television series, including The Harrowing and The Sandman.

He was developing with every character, and so was his performance in movies and television series. However, it was in the Netflix original series Bridgerton that Rege-Jean Page rose to fame.

Page was cast as the Duke, Simon Bassett, in the first season of the popular Netflix series Bridgerton.

Rise to Fame

The actor received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and won the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

Furthermore, he received an award for his Breakthrough performance at the MTV Movies+ TV Awards. We have no idea of his exact salary for the roles. However, the Bridgerton producers offered him $50,000 for any guest appearances in season two.

However, he turned down the offer to focus on roles in movies. It was not one of his smartest decisions. Considering Fans relate to actors that way, appearing in familiar and popular roles.

After the success of Bridgerton, Rege-Jean Page has appeared in only one movie—another Netflix original, The Gray Man! He was not even the lead antagonist, as Chris Evans was there to shadow him.

Many critics question his choice to turn down the guest appearances in Bridgeton! Anywho, as Lady Whistledown says, he would know better, and so we shall see in the future regarding his growth.

Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton!

Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings, comes with his own baggage. At a very young age, he experiences hate and crudeness from his father. While giving him birth, Simon’s mother dies, which turns his father against him; thus, he orders Simon out of the house.

Simon grew up with a stutter from a young age, especially after he realized his father’s hate towards him. Lady Danbury took him as a ward and helped him grow more. He came into his own, and Lady Danbury brought him to see his father, but again, he was sent back saying he was useless.

When the time came for him to claim his title, Simon came to his father on his deathbed and said that he would end the line by never getting married or having an heir. The Bridgerton beauty Daphne won his heart and changed his perspective on family life and love!

In season 3, Daphne also has sisters, Eloise, portrayed by Claudia Jessie, and Francesca, portrayed by Hannah Dodd!

How did Bridgeton Write the Duke Out of Season 2?

In the first two minutes, Daphne, who plays Phoebe Dynevor and is now the Duchess of Hastings, says to Eloise, “Do you realize I left my husband and child at home for this?” This is how Bridgerton producers addressed Rege-Jean Page’s absence.

Although it was never about the first season’s lovers coming back for the upcoming seasons, there have been appearances here and there throughout the next seasons. So, for example, Daphne appeared in season 2 while Anthony, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey, and Kate Sharma, portrayed by Simone Ashley, made guest appearances in season 3.

Of course, some characters, such as Lady Agatha Danbury, Lady Violet Bridgerton, Lady Portia Featherington, Queen Charlotte, Lady Cowper, Brimsley, and others, keep coming back for every season.  

Have you seen the four episodes of the third Bridgerton sibling, Colin, in Bridgerton Season 3? Let me share everything I know about the popular Netflix series‘ third season.

Personal Life

We have no confirmation about Rege-Jean Page’s partner, as he likes to keep his life private! His fans, mostly female, are very curious to know who his partner is; however, we have no idea. Of course, there have been speculations, one of which is the gorgeous Emily Brown.

Rege-Jean Page has been linked with the football player and author Emily Brown; however, there has been no evidence. He was spotted with her, but nothing related to the romantic relationship has been established.

Many of his fans are also speculating about his relationship with his Bridgerton co-star, Phoebe Dynevor. Their easy camaraderie and interaction in interviews outside the Bridgerton set have always been questioned, even though there has not been any confirmation regarding their offscreen romance.

Rather, Page has addressed the speculations about their love language and chemistry. His address has been so cryptic that it has left people with more queries than satisfaction.

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Page is having a tremendous year, especially after Bridgerton season one came out! His career has been going up and up, with his total assets projected at $1.5 million. There is likely some definite increase in his net worth, especially because of several opportunities!

With a promising career ahead, Rege-Jean Page is already deemed a celebrity. The British actor is very much in demand, especially with the exposure he has received in the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Apart from his exposure, he has also won hearts with his good looks, intellect, and funny interactions. He is a fan’s favorite and a critic’s favorite because he has received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination and the British GQ Man of the Year award.

Finishing Off…

In short, Rege-Jean Page is a heartthrob and a celebrity who has received many accolades and delivered some nice performances. With awards and accolades coming his way, Rene Jean Page has become the people’s favorite.

After you learn about Rene Jean Page net worth, what do you think about his global popularity? Share with us your favorite character played by Rege-Jean Page and tell us why. Should he return to Bridgerton?

Comment on what you think will work for this good-looking and talented man, especially now that he has been cast in a variety of roles.

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