The Various Types Of Labels Businesses Use

The Various Types Of Labels Businesses Use

What kind of world would it be without labels? We shudder to think how people would manage their business without printed labels, which are used in many ways. In this article, we offer some basic information about printed business labels.

What Are Printed Labels Used For?

Products must come complete with instructions and information; government agencies are tasked with setting guidelines for manufacturers regarding the use of labels. Consumable products must contain information about the ingredients and there are severe penalties for not complying with FDA guidelines. Pharmaceutical products rely heavily on labels

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Labels can be effectively used to market products; combined with packaging, labels make products look more attractive and offer the consumer information that they need to know prior to making a decision on whether or not to make a purchase.

Characteristics Of Effective Labelling

A good product label should:

  • Clearly display information
  • Attract attention (use of colour/font/graphics)
  • Be legible from all locations

There are online label printers that design and print labels to order and they can easily be found with a Google search.

Types Of Labels

The long list of label types includes the following:

  • Product label – This contains the brand logo and can be found in many places, especially products.
  • Grade label – The label denotes a specific grade of a product, which might be fruit produce or a product range (regular, deluxe, super-deluxe).
  • Descriptive label – The label gives essential information about a product, which might be ingredients, use instructions, precautions, date of purchase and product limitations.
  • Informative label – This differs slightly from a descriptive label, as it provides specific user information. Recipes and cleaning instructions come into this category.
  • Asset label – A business would order pre-printed asset labels to attach to company assets, which makes bookkeeping and inventory management easy.

Functions Of Labelling

The functions of labels include:

  • Identification – A good example is asset labels.
  • Grading – When there are different levels or grades.
  • Consumer protection – As the name suggests, these labels contain product information to protect the consumer. Warnings and precautions come under this domain.
  • Legal compliance – To certify the product complies with laws and regulations.
  • Promotional – Some labels are promotional, calls to action is one example.
  • Tracking – Labels can be used to track products; barcodes are one example of tracking labels.
  • Authenticity – A label might be attached to certify product authenticity.

Inventory/Stock Management

Inventory/Stock Management

Using barcodes is a game-changer for many businesses, as this allows an employee to easily scan all items, so a manager would know exactly what stock is in-store at any given time. Automation is ongoing with most manufacturing businesses and this requires QR codes and other graphics that scanners recognise.

Customised Printed Labels

Search online or check out and you will find a label print company that can design and create labels for your business, with precisely the right properties you are looking for.

Label material includes:

  • Direct thermal labels – These are ideal for freight and short to medium-term applications like medical testing, goods labels, and the like.
  • Thermal transfer – Heat-resistant labels that stand the test of time.
  • Pre-printed – Asset labels, barcodes, and warehousing, which are ready for use.
  • Synthetic –These are the heavy-duty labels that are made of a synthetic material that is very easy to remove.
  • Sheet labels – Printed in sheet form, they can easily be peeled off.
  • Vinyl – Durable and long-lasting.
  • Card – Choice of colours and properties.
  • Paper – Choice of colour and properties.
  • Permanent labels – When you want the labels to remain indefinitely.
  • Re-stickable labels – Enable multiple uses, while some materials are impervious to water.

Whatever your specific needs, the label designer has you covered.

Online Label Design & Production

There is no need to visit the print shop when you wish to order labels or stickers, there is an online form on their website that gives the provider the information needed to print your labels. Regardless of the type of labels you require, the online provider has all the label solutions and they offer instant quotes. Click here for leadership behaviours for rising entrepreneurs.

Technology To The Rescue

Adhesive labels used to be difficult to remove, that is until technology enabled easy removal and multi-application stickers that can be reused time and time again. The common consensus is that holograms will replace the traditional label, which is still a type of label we think. Logistics systems are going wireless and electronic labels will ultimately replace the ones we use today. Just when that will happen is unclear; some experts predict 3-4 years.

Laser Printing

This has been a game-changer in the label and sticker industry, enabling chemical-resistant materials to be used. If you would like to design your own labels, search online for a leading Australian label supplier; a company with all the label solutions. They are always happy to send you a few samples and are confident in creating the best labels for your business.

Custom Labels With An Online Template

The great thing about label creation today is the online design menu; no need to visit the label printer’s facility, simply fill in the required information and you receive an instant quote. Once an agreement is reached, your labels are created and delivered to your door. What could be easier? Choose the material, the dimensions, the text, number required, describe the use of the label and any additional information you think the label printer might need.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Most products are strictly controlled and correct labelling is a legal compliance, which is why you need to talk to one of Australia’s leading label and sticker producers. Cutting-edge technology has changed the face of the label and sticker industry for the better and many of the issues we once faced with these products are no longer present.

Click here for the latest information from the Australian government regarding labels.

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