Is Gigachad Real Person? What Do You Think About Him?


If you frequent social media, then you surely must have come across the picture of GigaChad – who is an impossibly attractive man with a chiseled jaw and super-muscular physique. In this article, I will be discussing the possibility of GigaChad being real or not.

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The Real Guy Behind The Meme

The original person behind the GigaChad meme is Ernest Khalimov – who is the real person behind the GigaChad meme.

A lot of people initially did not believe that GigaChad was a real person because of his perfect beauty and features.

His real full name is Ernest Khalimov, and his Instagram handle goes by the name Berlin 1969.

He is a bodybuilder by profession and apart from being a model, he has also participated in an art project called Sleek’N’Tears which has been produced by Krista Sudmalis, a Russian photographer.

The name is GigaChad came from an art project where the pictures were created by Krista Sudmalis who Photoshopped several models to create the photographs. The term is relatable to the archetypal representation of a sexually attractive male who is ultra-masculine.

Initially, the internet archetype, Chad Thundercock was considered a real person however, later it was more a representation of the personality. later it was observed that the model was a real person, Ernest Khalimov.

Who Is Ernest Khalimov?

Who is Gigachad? Well, if you mention the name “GigaChad,” then people automatically connect it to Ernest. The guy is not so popular beyond his name, though. His memes are actually more popular than the man himself.

Gigachad real name is Ernest Khalimov. He actually lives in Russia, and even though the majority of the people actually associate him with having a Turkish background. Some people also believe that he is originally from Azerbaijan.

Here’s what’s known about him till the present date:

  • He does brand endorsements, and fitness modeling and is a brand influencer.
  • He does not have any business or real estate investments.
  • How old is Gigachad? Well, he is thirty-one/thirty-two years of age and was born in the year 1991/1992.
  • He is a male.
  • His profession is that of a fitness model.
  • He is Russian in nationality.
  • His net worth is a million us dollars.

The Origin Of The GigaChad Meme

What does gigachad mean? Actually, the name GigaChad actually refers to a person who is generally assumed to be the real and ultimate “Manliest Man.” He represents a sexually attractive male who is drips of ultra-masculinity. The term “GigaChad” was popularized among the many incel communities.

On the 15th of October, in the year 2017, an anonymous Reddit user published a link to the Instagram page of @sleekntears in the /r/bodybuilding subreddit. The specific post had received more than 92% upvotes and over a hundred in less than four years.

On the 17th of October, of the same year, a photo of the same model, “Khalimov” was submitted to the /pol/ board on 4chan, where he was described as the GigaChad. The perfect human specimen that would lead all of the others against the reptilians.

The Story Behind The Meme

The GigaChad meme is actually owned by a user named 4chan, its origins, though are not very much clear with the platform. However, a majority of the credit for the spread of this meme is given to the user 4chan as they were the first ones to call out the similarity between Chad Thundercock and Khalimov.

Ernest claims that he is a virgin who is waiting for the right time to establish a stable relationship. This has led to the birth of many theories that he is much more powerful than what was assumed of him. According to male lore, it is very much possible for virgins to become wizards. That would really be considered ironic considering the connection between the greater manosphere in the lookism universe and his internet fame. While several others still continue to insist that the whole GigaChad guy thing is a hoax.

Opinion on the Meme

There is a person called Kaleem of who has a likeness to Giga Chat, but for a long time, he did not speak about it! Until April 20 21 this man was completely silent about the representation of physical fitness and beauty on social media platforms.

However, he started getting this means which led him to write on his Instagram. He commented on one post, saying that he liked them, and invite others to comment. He also claimed that he enjoyed the comments that people were dead and stated that these Memes painted a much more interesting picture of him than he actually is!

GigaChad NFTs

The guy also seems to have owned his meme status. He and his coworkers now proudly use the term “GigaChad” on their own social media. They are also presently marketing a series of NFTs – all based on the meme.

Before this, however, the original guy behind the meme was actually hard to get a hold of. He had refused to establish any connection with his meme status until the start of 2012. He loves living a private life away from the media.


A post about him was also submitted to the lookism forums where he was then referred to as the Ultra Chad. On the 24th of October, in the year 2017, a picture was submitted to space of Imgur, where a  picture of him along with his brothers was posted with the caption stating, “It appears that The Gigachad is attempting to clone himself.”

The popularity related to GigaChad spiked significantly after a montage of the photographs of Khalimov was used in a meme format video version called Average Fan vs. Average Destroyer. Within one month, the video significantly grew popular as the video meme acquired 190,000 views on Youtube while on Twitter, the views were 134,000.

Is He Real Or Photoshop?

He is a real person, as you saw from all of the details before. His real full name is Ernest Khalimov, and his Instagram handle goes by the name Berlin 1969.  Initially, Khalimov did not comment on the different memes, videos, and posts using his pictures.

At times, his Instagram posts became so intrusive that he had to disable the comment section. However, at a later stage, specifically after April 2021, he wrote a post about how the posts and memes made him seem like the interesting person that he actually was.

He also invited people to comment on his posts by saying that he likes the memes and the posts.

He mostly had limited online experience and at a certain point, he ignored all interview calls and invitations to attend podcasts to talk about his experience regarding his popularity as GigaChad.

How did Gigachad Become a Viral Sensation?

This mean that people are going crazy about becoming a viral sensation, but what are the reasons due to why it happened? A lot of people say that Gigachad is a source of admiration as well as inspiration while another group of people says he’s a source of resentment and envy!  

There are two types of people who are following this mean! One who considers this means as a role model of attractiveness and physical fitness. While there are others who are reminded of their own flaws and insecurities, which ultimately lead to them being jealous of Giga Chad. 

At times this name is also identified as a source of irony and humour maybe because it can be used as a parody for unrealistic expectations and standards of the society. In my opinion, ambiguity is an aspect that has helped with the popularity of giga chat. 

It is also sparked debate and curiosity among people with regard to the truth of this means or whether is it an actual person. Some people work hard to prove that he is not real, while others work hard to find his real identity. There are also those who claim to know him personally as either his friends or relatives! 

How is Our Society Responding to the Meme?

So what does it say so what does it say about our society? Do you think the world what is activity and appeal of this mean has made him more relevant to the opportunities and expectations of the people? There are also those who make fun of his appearance in his name! 

However, underlying those expressions or opinions, it might be the case that these people are angry and sarcastic because they’re envious! In the world of the Internet, self-esteem and self-image matters a lot! Especially with the increasing trend of social media, influencers, and platforms.  

Similarly, Giga Chat is one such individual whose perception develops from the perfection of his body and looks! A lot of people create means around this person to see how he will look as a politician, a celebrity, or a normal day plumber!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding GigaChad:

1. Why Is Ernest Khalimov Famous?

A: A bodybuilder and fitness model who is well known for creating the GigaChad meme. On his Berlin. 1969 Instagram account, where he has gathered more than 1 million followers, he posts images. He can be identified in the black-and-white pictures that highlight his physique.

2. Who Created Ernest Khalimov?

A: Although Ernest’s origins can be traced back to 2015 thanks to the work of Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis, the earliest images of Ernest are said to have first appeared in October 2017 according to HITC.

3. Is GigaChad A real person?

A: Yes, he is absolutely a real person.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding GigaChad. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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