Kickstarting Truth: Investigating “Is Kickscrew Legit” Question

is kickscrew legit

If you are looking for affordable streetwear, then Kickscrew is one of them. This online retailer has a large collection of hard and popular sneakers at prices that are hard to beat. This online sneaker brand has a large collection of Converse, supreme, and so on. Aside from that, they offer sneaker enthusiasts access to collectible and rare sneakers. Now let’s discuss is Kickscrew legit?

They have expanded to watches such as Seiko, Casio, and Tissot. This website aims to incorporate a trusted source and has one of the largest selections of fashion accessories and sneakers. Well, many people raised the legitimacy issue of Zappos or Kickscrew. But these are mainly the largest selections of sneakers and fashion accessories.  

Is Kickscrew Legit?

Is Kickscrew Legit?

Kickscrew is one of the safest online sites people usually surf in most other countries. It is safe to assume that this site has legitimacy across 180 countries. Below, I am going to discuss: is Kickscrew Legit?

Despite having so many reports, customers still complain about receiving fake sneakers. However, based on the report, people can see high traffic on this site. Even the customers’ statements misrepresent the site’s trustworthiness, where several unhappy customers are likely to be negative.

Although the chances of getting scams are lesser on Reddit Forums, YouTube Sneaker Channel comments, etc. On the other hand, this online site can ship across over 100 countries along with the largest customers’ orders. Aside from that, the United States, China, Canada, and Australia are the countries where this online sneaker store provides services.

Even people usually say that this online site is relatively safe to surf. This online shoe site has a low chance of containing viruses and malware.

On the other hand, to ship your order, Kickscrew does require your address, phone, name, or even email ID for processing further. You can also save the contact information in the email list where they will send further deals and promotions.

This mainly works like testerup, where many people used to visit their website.

Six Things You Must Know Before Buying From Kickscrew

seven Things You Must Know Before Buying From Kickscrew  

Well, are you still wondering if Kick Crew is legit? You should be aware of some of the most essential things. Below, I will discuss six things you must know before buying from Kickscrew.

1) Kickscrew’s Policies

Before making any purchase from Kickscrew, you have to follow some policies. In this case, you must have to keep in mind to avoid trouble such as:

Refund Policy

In case it is about returning the product or a refund, then please note that Kickscrew has accepted your request such as:

  • Make sure the delivery date is within seven days.
  • Ensure you have kept your box and items are in their original condition.
  • Also, don’t remove the KicksCrew tag from the box.

If you remove the tag of KicksCrew, then it means they disclaim all liabilities. On the other hand, you will have to contact the KicksCrew customer service team to request the return. Once they accept your return request, they will grant the return shipping address.

However, if you have noticed, the initial shipping fee is non-refundable. On the other hand, 15% of the total transaction payment KicksCrew will be deducted from the transaction amount. After that, it will be stocked as a restocking fee.

Size Exchanges Policy

In case you are returning the products of size, then there are some policies which you have to follow. There is the same return policy in this case, which you must follow with some differences. Aside from that, make sure in just seven days the requests for size change they made. On the other hand, for the return policy, don’t remove tags. Also, make sure you don’t use the item.

If you have made any relevant changes, you have to be responsible for this. Above all, please note that every order is eligible for exchange once. You also have to mention the reason to exchange the product.  

If you have registered your mobile number with this online site, you will also get updates on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and so on.

2) Customs Fees And Issues

While planning to buy in KicksCrew, make sure you don’t offer any prepaid duty or even tax. This means your orders could incur customs charges.

One of the best ways to ship is by delivering across 180 countries where customs duties differ. On the other hand, if fees are suitable, the buyer must pay the courier in the designated country. As you already know the answer of is kicks crew a legit website? Of course It is!

It is noteworthy that there are some extra charges which are non-refundable. As mentioned, this is not responsible for the actual price. On the other hand, it is essential for any buyer to first check the charges by contacting his customs office in the country. In this case, you have to purchase the product.

3) Delivery Time, Failure, And Package Loss

As I have already discussed, that return takes seven days. On the other hand, KicksCrew takes 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, if you are OK, then it takes such a period that you should buy from them.

Aside from that, it is important to note that your shipping charges are non-refundable. Later, they will refund the payment per their return policy, such as minus taxes and customs charges. Furthermore

4) Maximum Order Quantity Would Be 1

If you think that KicksCrew is like other online retail stores like Flash Rewards or others, then it is not like that. In this case, the maximum order quantity would be 1. If you want to order several items or the same, then it means you are getting a double offer. Even if you want, you can order separately, so you have to charge separately for shipping.

5) Contact With KicksCrew Before Purchasing The Product

Even though KicksCrew provides colors, images, and sizes. But it usually takes reasonable steps to display the product. In this case, you might face issues while you are placing orders.

At this time, the product images or computer or mobile screen might not help you show the actual details regarding the shoe’s purchasing rate. In this case, KicksCrew recommends you show the approach to its staff before placing the order, which you do exactly while ordering.

6) Kicks Crew Can Cancel Your Order

Lastly, it would help if you also had to be aware of some factors in case KicksCrew cancels your order, such as:

  • If the product you are ordering is not available in the stock.
  • In case you have given me any inaccurate information. It includes the wrong email, phone number, or other information required for KicksCrew.
  • If the security system of KicksCrew finds your order as a fraud.
  • In case, the given address is not accessible by the site for any particular product.
  • Mostly kicksCrew didn’t accept your order within just seven days after acceptance of your order.

In Conclusion

I have discussed is KicksCrew legit above in this article. After a thorough research, I got the point that Kickscrew is legit. On the other hand, delivering items might take a long time, but other policies are beneficial.

Apart from that, KicksCrew is not responsible for any extra charge or any custom duty if applicable. On the other hand, if your choice is whether you want to buy from them or stay away, then these two factors are considerations. I hope you liked this article. In case you have queries, then please do comment below!

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