Academia Aesthetic: Dark & Light Academia Room Decor & More

Dark Academia & Light Academia

We do not get enough time to decorate our rooms in this busy modern world. Busy schedules, tension, and confirmation of work and entertainment are not balanced for many people. But there are some people who are well-engaged and good at their work and academia aesthetic.

For instance, maintaining your lifestyle is somehow related to aesthetics. But when someone is prone to writing poetry or engaged in higher education, they have different niches and choices.

Here we are talking about room decoration. A decoration of a room is best served with personal choices.

Academia aesthetics is not just about the dress you wear or the wardrobe you use. Instead, a whole room and its posture can determine your personality and, thus, academia aesthetic. Room decoration is a luxury for some people, and for others, it’s a passion and necessity.

Well, if you are seeking a specialty over the monotony of life, you need to find out your niche on the particular academia aesthetic.

  • Dark Academia.
  • Light Academia.
  • Chaotic Academia.
  • Romantic Academia.
  • Art Academia.

Which one is your type?

Can’t decide?

Well, Let us help you out here.

Romantic and art academic style is also related somehow to dark and light academia aesthetics. So, find out the different home decoration ideas with both dark and light academia aesthetics and get to choose between them.

What Is A Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Dark Academia Aesthetic

Have you heard about classic literature and ancient art?

Do you cherish your higher education process, including art and poetry?

Well, let’s come to the point!

If you have a different fascination with gothic and classic architecture, you are on the verge of liking dark academia. Mystery related to thrilling senses and discovering hidden knowledge can make a good sense of dark academia.

However, The Secret History, written by Donna Tartt, is probably the origin of dark academia.

When your counterpart is dark academia with light academia, your niche endeavors relate enigma and horror in terms of knowledge. If you have the tendency to fantasize about violence, death, cults, and death included with despite concepts, you are on the right track to get the vibe of emanating dark academia.

What About The Light Academia Aesthetic?

Light Academia Aesthetic

Being in academics, people might have different choices. Not everyone is into death and darkness, but some people love to maintain positivity, inspiration, and light.

So, if you want to be erudite and classy, you may want to go for a light academia aesthetic.

Music, literature, art, and history create the circumstance of light academia. Well, if you are fond of an easy atmosphere, it’s better to go for a light academia aesthetic.

Moreover, sepia notes with reading glasses and a porcelain tea cup decorate the table with a light academia fan.

Best Room Decor Ideas To Cherish Dark Academia Aesthetic

If you are already a fan of dark academia, you might have considered some common color decoration aspects of it. For instance, royal dark colors, deep green, dark brown, burgundy, and the ultimate black. Find out more about different aesthetic room ideas.

Well, you can find the taste of European architecture and dark elements mixed with gothic history in your room. 

Find out the best dark academia aesthetic room decoration ideas below.

Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

If you can go for dark academia aesthetic wallpapers, the job is half done.

Wall decoration contains the main part of the dark academia aesthetic. Well, you can use efficient vintage wallpapers to decorate the wall. You can also go for newspaper cutouts which are framed nicely.

Apart from that, old books, bookshelves, science sketches, old-fashioned clocks, and glass display cases are good items to fit on the wall. Try to buy things after you have planned and measured the whole place of your room wall. It will help to keep your design intact with a dark academia aesthetic.



A room without furniture can not create the dark mood or tone you need. So, it’s time to go for dark wood tones for any furniture you want to keep in your room.

Well, deliberately try to avoid bright colors for the furniture.

A wooden study desk with an old chair perfectly fits your dark academia room. The older the future is, the more prominent the dark theme will be. So, don’t hesitate to go for antique furniture if you can.


bed room

So far, the room has a dark phase, but what about your bed?

Well, it has to suit the darker shade as well. However, no one is asking you to use black blankets. You can simply go for heavy comforters and duvets.

This time, use neutral bridge tones with plaid patterns for the bed comforters. Additionally, use a dark purple throw at the end of your bed to make it unique and exceptionally suit a dark academia aesthetic.

Light And Decors

Light And Decors

People often get into a dilemma while decorating lights in their dark academia rooms. But it is super simple when you know the concept.

Simply avoid white color lights and go for warm color lights. You can also add a low-level candle lit at the desk or table beside the wall to turn the dark mood on.


Have you ever thought about why you like dark academia? The common trends that are often observed such as poetry or writing, calligraphy, old books, or Greek architecture are a perception of studying or education that is inaccessible.

You consider yourself as a part of the elitist culture and practices! You are attracted to secret societies, part of prestigious institutions. You relate yourself to a sharp intellectual representation along with the need to explore the secrets of academia. 

People who like dark academics like being mysterious or staying shrouded in darkness. The perception of the dark is also an integral part of nostalgia or a kind of foreboding!

Decor The Room With Light Academia Aesthetic

Light academia aesthetic is largely inspired by old collegiate life from the West. Find out the room decoration ideas from here.



A fancy hanging chandelier or a gold lamp are better options. Well, the best option to create a light academia aesthetic is to ensure natural light. The warm sunlight coming through the wide glass window and kissing the books kept on the table is what a light academia room deserves.

Types Of Furniture


An upholstered chair with a vintage table might do the work in your room. Apart from that, wooden materials like walnut and oak may ensure a vintage academia aesthetic.

Apart from that, a vintage bookshelf beside your bright-colored bed materials can be a good match.


You can simply use aesthetic pictures to decorate the wall. Additionally, use wooden picture frames to decorate the pictures.

Moreover, you can also go for brochures and faded postcards to decorate the wall perfectly fit for the room.



White, cream, and brown are the prominent colors for the light academia aesthetic room. So, try to use old-school plaid with wool and cotton for the pillows and comforters.


If you are attracted to a light academic aesthetic, then you are an optimistic one! You are the person in your circle who is motivated and like happy endings. You believe in gratitude and joy! The perception has developed from the classical romantic literature inducing happiness in you.

You also prefer vintage clothing and muted colors along with a romanticized and forever optimistic perception of reality. If you have a light academic bedroom, you love classic movies! You are also straightforward and soft-natured hence, there is a high chance that you can easily get hurt.

Also remember, you draw inspiration from history, art, music, and literature while melancholia is a part of your being, you are the one who loves with all your heart!

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