So, you moved to your very first apartment and looking for some aesthetic room ideas?

Yes, the excitement cannot measure up because, finally, you have a house of your own. However, at times we can get so overwhelmed with the excitement that the aesthetic room decor we have in our mind can go totally wrong.

Yes, we have heard the term aesthetic under the umbrella of home decor for quite some time now, and needless to say, these designs are pretty aesthetically pleasing.

So, what can we do about the decoration?

Do we need natural room decor?


Something with a more preppy aesthetic?

Yes, we are sure there is a lot that is troubling your mind right now. Or, you are just staring at a blank wall for the last few minutes. Trying to figure out which aesthetic wallpaper would go best, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the trendiest aesthetic room ideas. This will include decoration elements, subsections, and tips and tricks to pull off that aesthetic room decor.

So, sit back, relax, and take notes!


What Is My Aesthetic


As a professional interior designer who has worked in this field for more than five years now, we have got this question a lot.

Yes, whenever people are keen on decorating their houses or apartments, they are more interested in knowing their aesthetic style. Only then do concrete walls, made of bricks and cement, suddenly start to look very home-like.

Now, if you are asking ‘What Is Aesthetic, ’ then let us elaborate a little more on that. According to the dictionary, aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the understanding of the nature of art and the beauty which lies in it.

According to the expert in aesthetic room decor, it is a subsection of interior designing that deals with placing elements of similarity together to build an aesthetic. For example, if we look at an aesthetic living room with the theme of cottagecore, we will get to see elements of the countryside and simple living. Something which is a little less modern,

If you do not understand the meaning of cottagecore or cottagecore room, then do not worry. Soon we will be elaborating on the types of aesthetics which can ornament your living space.

Types Of Aesthetic

If you are looking through aesthetic apartment ideas, and nothing is really catching your mind, then it is time to understand the subject matter a little better. So, if you are wondering how to make your room look aesthetic, let us understand the type of aesthetic subsections before we jump to the aesthetic room ideas.

Beach Aesthetic


By the name, you can figure out enough about this aesthetic. It has to do with the tropical life, seasonal fruit, the ombre of sunset colors, salty life, etc.

Academia Aesthetic


Under this aesthetic idea comes two prominent ones. The dark academia aesthetic and the light academia aesthetic. However, both of these revolve around the idea of academia and the thirst for knowledge. The difference comes with the color schemes, and we will be discussing them further underneath.



By the term cottage, you can already picture a cottage in an old town, and you are making no mistake. Some of the pioneer elements of this aesthetic are simple rural living, candles, glass jars, copper pots, baking pies, and earthy tones.

Coastal Grandmother Style


This is a very controversial aesthetic, but it has found its way to the trendiest aesthetic room ideas. There are many who don’t like this idea. (I mean, who would like to look and live like a grandmother? Right!). Well, hold your horses because there are many who would.

This style has a dedicated retro or bohemian aesthetic to it. Something you would see your grandmother, who lives near the beach, doing. Many say it takes some research to pull off the perfect coastal grandmother chic aesthetic living room.

Preppy Aesthetic


You are all prepped! This home decor aesthetic also has a touch of luxury in it as it deals with fun but clean colors. I am talking about khaki, beige, pastels, wall collages, etc. You can even mix and match preppy with beach aesthetic.

Sage Green


Time to take a mindful breath because this aesthetic is all about the calm and tranquility that comes with looking at the color. It is the new form of minimalistic, and it is so in style now.



I do not think this needs any description. The name says it all! However, the only drawback for this theme, if you wish to pick this for your aesthetic room decor, is the cost.

Since most of the elements, furniture, and paint colors will resemble royalty, it can be quite expensive. However, if you are an expert thrifter, we are sure you can pull off this style for home decor.

Blue Aesthetic


This seems like an umbrella term because the blue can mean a lot of things. It can fall under the aesthetic subsection of light academia, beach aesthetic, and even price score (depending on the color scheme which you are going for!). However, this has become a popular aesthetic for home decor ideas, and we will discuss it more later.



This is probably what you have heard the most. Not just the aesthetic apartment ideas, Y2K is coming back in the form of clothing apparel, jewelry, and other accessories. If you are someone like me, who is absolutely in love with the yearly 2000 aesthetic, then keep reading.

Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas

Coming to the part of the blog you all have been waiting for. Now, one by one, we will be giving you tips and tricks to get all of the above-mentioned aesthetics incorporated into your living spaces.

A truly pleasing home aesthetic!

1. Blue Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room

So, if you wish to have that blue theme for your aesthetic room decor, then here is where you will get all the help. No, you do not need to have a specialized interior design course for home decor.

Here is how you can start!

Floral Blue Theme: The color scheme will be pastel or light blue. The floral undertone could be a darker shade of blue or another pastel tone that mixes perfectly with the blue aesthetic.

Minimal & Rustic

Minimal & Rustic: This is to give you a much-needed vintage makeover. You can add rustic wood decor to your basic blue room.

Blue-Gray Bedroom: A little different from the ones you have already discussed, this blue aesthetic for aesthetic room decoration will have a very modern look. It is something essentially picked from the folds of an architectural digest with steel-colored shelves and a blue accent wall for your aesthetic room ideas.

2. Beach Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room

This aesthetic is again gaining massive popularity. This is mostly because of the shabby chic feel that beach houses bring. The salty air, beachy waves, and the shimmer of sand are the main elements of this home decor aesthetic.

You do not have to ornament your entire house with this aesthetic, but you can have a sunroom, your balcony, or your backyard with the beach aesthetic. White and off-white are the primary colors for the beach aesthetic, but light blue or sea green are also excellent choices.

This decorative element is what makes the mark for this aesthetic rather than the color palette. Some of the home decor ideas for beach aesthetics are.

  • Jute or bamboo decoration.
  • Palm or coconut tree decorations.Linen fabrics with nude colors for furniture.
  • White mesh long curtains.

3. Academia Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room

Even if you do not have an ardent interest in sub-aesthetic genes for home decor, you are sure to have heard this name. The netizens call it a fancier version of being a nerd. Common elements of this aesthetic are neutral tones, a dark exterior, a thirst for knowledge, hardbound books, libraries, and study lamps that allow you to stay up at the break of midnight.

For anyone who is a lover of vintage library aesthetic room ideas or the entire old university interior style, this is the perfect aesthetic room idea for you. Some of the common elements for this decor are-

  • Ceiling high shelves.
  • Warm tone lights.
  • Dark paint colors, preferably emerald green, purple or red.
  • You can also add some gold tone to get the dark royal academia to feel.
  • Wood is a must-have for this aesthetic. Especially polished wood, not the rustic kind. Because there is an air of sophistication in this decor.

4. Cottagecore Room

Aesthetic Room

Another top pop culture aesthetic sub-section is cottagecore. Yes, it does mix slightly with the home decor. If you are Potterhead, hearing the term cottage ‘The Burrow’ is the first thing that should come to your mind.

This describes rural living without the hustle of city life. Take out time to attend to your garden and rearing animals for your own egg and milk. However, this is more of a lifestyle and cannot be applicable to someone living in a city apartment.

Here is how you can bring the cottagcore to your aesthetic room decor.

  • Mute tone colors like light pink, tea stain yellow, and pastel green. Or, you can go with dark colors for your kitchen, like navy or pewter green.
  • Needless to say, any type of wood is an important addition.
  • Cottagecore rooms should have a lot of greenery. However, if you have a balcony, you can get your own small garden there.
  • For curtains, you can go for crochet valances, white curtains, or opaque floral printed curtains. 

5. Coastal Grandmother Style Room

Aesthetic Room

Yes, even we were confused when we saw this term for the first time. How can your grandmother have her own kind of aesthetic room decor? However, this is how the sub-aesthetic goes. It describes your very preppy grandmother’s beach house, where you cannot wait to have all your beach parties.

So, why not get your own coastal grandmother-style room? Here are some of the common elements of this room.

  • Anything nautical because it is near the sea, after all. So, a sea map or a display compass.
  • You will need all the elements of the sea, like seashells, cowry shells, and long crochet curtains in between rooms.
  • For paints, go for classic coastal blue, pastel, or sea blue.
  • You can also have plain white walls, and to match the nautical theme get your furniture and upholstery blue.
  • Any kind of nautical decoration is heavily encouraged in these kinds of aesthetic room ideas.

6. Preppy Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room

This aesthetic shouts rich because this home decor and lifestyle has to do everything with private universities, sororities, and frats. Glamor is one word to describe this kind of aesthetic room decor.

Here is how you can rock this aesthetic.

⦿ When it comes to the color palette, you will see ivory whites and rose golds. Pink, turquoise, or other neutral tones are common for this aesthetic.

⦿ Now, coming to decoration, there are a plethora of elements you can choose from. Starting with-

⦿ Designer logos, common ones being Louis Vuitton prints, Channel, Gucci, YSL, and Tiffany. The retail bags of these bags are also used as a part of the room decor.

Animal prints.

⦿ Lighting bolts in neon lights.

⦿ Eccentric floral prints can also adorn the preppy aesthetic room.

⦿ Tie-dye is also very common for this aesthetic room idea.

⦿ You can even try wall art and fairy lights to highlight them as well.

7. Sage Green Room

Aesthetic Room

Yes, this is simply a color, but this seemed to have been enjoying some limelight, almost blinding the other grees. So what is so special about sage green? Let’s find out.

If you want this color for your room aesthetic, you can pick this without a doubt. There is not a single color palette or upholstery which will not look in this sage green room. Elements of home decor for this apartment decor idea would be.

  • Sage green paint with white or neutral furniture.
  • An accent wall with the color and wooden furniture.
  • Sage green accent wallpaper with a pattern of your choice.
  • you can go all in to get sage green furniture for your living room, sunroom, or even your kitchen.

The best part about aesthetic room ideas like sage green is that if you are a fan of neutral somber home decor, you can never go wrong with this color.

8. Princesscore Room

Aesthetic Room

This room aesthetic speaks royalty, and if you are not okay with just one room, you can get your entire house with this aesthetic design. Want to give your room a royal makeover? Here is how you can do that.

  • Needless to say, the princesscore room will be known for its royal colors. So, go for emerald greens, midnight blues, purples, and classic pink. 
  • Other than the accent colors, you can also go for wooden beds with poles. There is nothing that shouts more royalty than canopy nets.
  • Large vanities with lamps are a must-have for this decor.
  • Gold undertone for the mirror and poor frames.
  • You can also hang royal aesthetic pictures or art in gold frames to create an accent wall.
  • Huge opaque and sheer curtains for your windows. 

9. Y2K Aesthetic Room

Aesthetic Room

This aesthetic will give everyone a touch of nostalgia. Now that the early 2000 fashion is coming back, Y2K room aesthetics are also getting popular. These types of aesthetic room ideas will have more of the simpler elements of the late 90s and early 2000. The kind of room you would wish to catch up on some ‘Gilmore Girls’ or even ‘Mean Girls.’

Y2K aesthetic room ideas will include-

  • Everything is pink or pastel.
  • Accent wall with a collage of photographs with your friends.
  • Glitters.
  • Holographic designs.
  • Gemstones and diamonds.
  • Neon lights.

Get Set Decorating!

There you have it!

Nine brand-new aesthetic room ideas will give your apartment a brand-new look. If you cannot afford an entire renovation, you can always take help from elements that will give your room the character of those aesthetic room ideas you like. 

Pick one today, and get decorating.

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