Thailand is a place where a lot of people visit from different parts of the world. Apart from the alluring cities and beaches, you can get a lot to eat in the country.

Well, there are a lot of foody travelers who visit the country with a prominent motive to eat. It is nothing but the affection toward the Thai Cuisine that comes up in this case.

So, if you are from the same team, this article is for you. No matter whether you are ready to explore the city or still planning to go to Thailand, give this article a read to learn about the traditional foods.


Ten Best Thai Dishes You Can Try in 2022- List With Proper Seasoning

Yes, this is the list with proper seasoning. You can get to know the basics of the recipes. However, it would always be better to visit the country and try the dishes. Take a look:

1.  Pad Thai

pad thai cuisine

Pad Thai backs the first place in the list of top traditional dishes of Thai cuisine, it is the national food of the country. The Thai people seldom eat Pad Thai but is quite famous among the tourists. The only reason for its fame is due to the exoticness of the dish. The main ingredients of the dish are noodles and shrimp.

2. Tom Yum Goong

tom yum goong

There is no point that you reaching out to Thailand and do not taste a soup. So, try to taste the Tom Yum Goong from any local street joint in Thailand. It is basically a sour soup made with prawns. Spices include lime leaves, lemongrass, and galangal.

As a fact, you can know that the Tom Yum is a common name for all types of soup items in Thailand. The last name changes as per the ingredients of the soup.

3. Laab


When it comes to other tasty Thai dishes other than the Pad. Any foodie would talk about the Laab. The Laab is a pork dish that is served with salad. This salad contains more meat and spices. The best you can do is eat this dish as a meal.

4. Boat Noodles

boat noodles thai cuisine

The boat noodle is a simple dish in Thailand but it is quite traditional. It dates back to 1942 when a merchant made and served this noodle on a boat. So, the bowl of the boat noodle is always small. As of now, you can get authentic boat noodles in many restaurants.

5. Pad Kra Pao

pad kra pao

Pad Kra Pao is a traditional dish that is made with pork. It is so famous in Thailand that it has got a place in the new Thai cuisine. So, when you reach the country for a food trip, you must try the Pad Kra Pao.

6. Green Curry

green curry thai cuisine

The hot and flavorful green curry is one of the prominent traditional curries of Thailand. You can get this dish anywhere in Bangkok or any other city in Thailand. When you eat the green curry, just make sure it is salty, sweet, and creamy.

One of the best things about green curry is its fragrance. You can get it instantly when you eat it.

7.  Sticky Rice With Mango

sticky rice with mango

Most traditional foods are simple but tasty. The scene is the same for sticky Rice With Mango. This is a dish the Thai people eat in summer. Moreover, the sticky rice in itself is traditional too. It is specially farmed in the far east countries and generally not exported.

8. Hoy Tod

hoy tod thai cuisine

Are you crazy about eggs? Well, if you are so, Hoy Tod can be one of the best trad Thai recipes you can try. To your knowledge, It is the updated version of the Khao Jioh recipe of Thailand itself.  Where the Khao Jioh is a simple omelet, the Hoy Tod is filled with meat and oysters.

9. Yum Seafood

yum seafood

The Yum Seafood is also known as Yum Talay. It is a random mix of sea organisms like mussels, sea scallops and bay scallops. At times, jumbo crab meat is also added to Yum Seafood. The best you can do is eat this dish along with any of the main dishes.

Again try to avoid this one if you cannot withstand the sharp sour taste.

10. Nam Phirk Long Ruea

nam phirk long ruea thai cuisine

The Nam Phirk Long Ruea is a traditional dip in Thailand cuisine. You can have it with Pad Thai and different other dishes. It is made with the base of chili peppers. So, you can expect the dish to be hot and you can eat it in a small quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is The Most Traditional Dish In Thailand?

Ans: The boat noodles and the Pad Thai are the most traditional dishes in Thailand. You must try both of the items when going on a trip to Thailand.

2. What Is A Must-Try Dish In Thailand?

Ans: While you visit Thailand, you should not forget to have Pad Thai, The Khao John and Hoy Tod are the other two dishes that you should not miss. 

3. What Is The National Dish Of Thailand?

Ans: Pad Thai is the National Food of Thailand. It is made up of a mixture of shrimps and noodles. 

4. What Are 4 Traditional Food Customs In Thailand?

Ans: The ‘Tom’, ‘Yam’ ‘Tam’, and ‘Gayeng’  are the four traditional food costumes of Thailand.  These are nothing but the types of foods like boiled, spicy, pounded, and curry. 

Final Words

The dishes from the Thai cuisine are not very tough to make but they give an outstanding flavor. So, you can always expect to get an extraordinary taste from the dishes. It is one of the best activities to eat Thai food as you reach the country.

Expect the dishes to be affordable in the local joints. Moreover, you can get authentic taste in the streets. Try avoiding eating in top-notch hotels as they might ruin the rawness in the dishes. As a result, you would be deprived of the original taste of the Thai dishes.

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