How To Do The AI Image Trend On Instagram In 2024?

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If you regularly use Instagram social media platforms, you might have seen people with unusually artistic profile images. As if they had been drawn or painted. Yes! This is true that most of them need to commission art. That is why people are learning about the Instagram AI trend.

No matter if you are seeking to elevate your designed game or if you are streamlining content creation, that means you are in the right place. In this case, you must explore the frontiers of AI-powered imagery.

Recently, several users have taken to using a particular image editing software to create beautiful portraits of themselves. Not only that, but these are seemingly magical beings with attractive features and completely otherworldly. In this case, if you think that users have used an AI app, then you might correct it sometimes.

What Is the AI Image Trend on Instagram?

What Is the AI Image Trend on Instagram?

People have recently taken advantage of several generative AI applications to stylize and enhance their profile pictures. Below, I will discuss what AI image trends are on Instagram.

Multiple AI image generators can create purely synthetic content based on prompts. Here are some of the images you can see on Instagram using real selfie pictures, as these are their source of materials. Therefore, they should resemble the people whom they want to use.

You might take new pictures to make them work, so there might not be a reason to turn to AI. There also is a chance it won’t work the way AI styles you and even the outcome is acceptable in a visual manner.

How To Do the AI Image Trend on Instagram in 2024

How To Do The AI Image Trend On Instagram In 2024

In recent times, users have become accustomed to using AI art generators. Also, this has become a mainstream online activity, especially for those who enjoy sharing their results on social media platforms. Below, I will discuss how to do the AI image trend on Instagram in 2024.

  • First, download Lensa from the Google Play store or Apple Play Store. Then you have to launch this.
  • Then, you must agree to any terms and conditions. In this case, you must continue via prompts until you reach the subscription promo screen.
  • Here, you can see a 7-day free trial while the toggler has appeared. This means you have to flip this on, but remember you have to cancel your subscription before seven days are over. In this case, you must subscribe to lower the price of AI profile pictures that Lensa developer Prisma refers to as “Magic Avatars.”
  • Particularly, you should be hit with an option once you get closer to the subscription screen. In this way, you can easily make the Magic Avatars. Here, click on the option “Try Now.”
  • Here, you will have an option to help you create avatars for humans or even pets. Under human possibilities, you will get an option to “create.” Just click on that.
  • In this case, you must choose up to 10 preferred styles. These will help you to change. But some examples might include “Fantasy”, “Adventure,” and “Art.”
  • While prompted, ensure you have chosen to upload 10 to 20 pictures from your phone’s library. Furthermore, you might have to grant the library permissions first.
  • However, once you select enough photos, click on the option “Import” when the button appears.
  • They will take you to check out the screen with many options. In this case, you can buy several types of avatars since there is no guarantee that you will like the results.
  • Once you have paid, click on the option “Notify me when it is done.” Here is an extensive range of magic avatars that are processed on cloud servers, and the task can take up to just 20 minutes. Therefore, this will tell you when you can return to the software application. Therefore, you can easily get your results.

What Are The Best AI Image Generators Applications In 2024?

What Are The Best AI Image Generators Applications In 2024?

An extensive range of bound AI image creators are offered to content creators, businesses, and designers. Not only Instagram has an AI image trend, but AI on snapchat is popular now. Below, I will discuss the best AI image generator applications in 2024.

1) Dall-E 3

Dall-E 3

Dall-E 3 is built to craft detailed and lifelike multiple images from your text prompts. In this case, it also integrates text seamlessly into the generated pictures and solves long-standing AI challenges.

Multiple creative professionals will help you find it priceless to rephrase their ideas into graphic images. On the other hand, brands can effectively convey their identities and present a clear vision without a hefty cost.

What are the pros and cons of Dall-E 3?


  • This software tool has enhanced image quality.
  • Dall-E 3 has an efficient text incorporation.
  • There is an extensive range of robust safety features.
  • This app has an integration with Bing Chat.


  • This software tool has limited editing adjustments.
  • It has variable outcomes from multiple requests.

2) Craiyon


If you are stepping into the world of AI art, then Craiyon is another new kid with just a fresh take. Firstly, you have to punch your prompt in the text-to-image generator, and you will get an art piece staring back at you. Secondly, do you know who can use this AI image generator? These are AI enthusiasts and professionals in graphic design, fine art, or marketing.

What are the pros and cons of Craiyon?


  • This software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. 
  • In this case, software has free admission for those desiring to test the waters.
  • Here, you will be getting an option that will help you to transform AI images into wearable art.
  • Contrarily, the AI art filter is fantastic to use.


  • This software app has an inconsistent image quality.
  • There is a limited customization option.
  • Afterward, the processing speed is slower in comparison to other competitors.

3) Canva AI

Canva AI

Another one of the best AI image generators is Canva AI. Furthermore, stable Diffusion powers this AI image generator. This helps to create an extensive range of realistic photos. Above all, the AI image creator of Canva is part of the “Magic Studio” suite, which includes several features. At the same time, this AI image creator is for design pros, content creators, Artists, illustrators, and others.  

What are the pros and cons of Canva AI?


  • With the help of Canva AI, you can whip up quality visuals in a timely manner.  
  • This is all about choice. This means you must play around with several design elements, such as typography choices, to perfect visual effects.
  • On the other hand, don’t be worried if you are new to this. Above all, the interface of this software is quite intuitive.  


  • Eventually, there is a slight learning curve compared to any usual Canva software suite.
  • The range of image styles is minimal compared to other competitors’ tools.

4) NightCafe


NightCafe AI has been tailored for several creatives with extensive features to redefine their creative horizons. These are like neural style transfer and a special text-to-image AI. Let’s talk about who can use this AI image generator software. A personal art enthusiast in spectrum art can use this.

Aside from that, this will help refine their brandings. In this case, for those seeking to elevate their home decorations, NightCafe provides a platform to craft artworks tailored to their aesthetic preferences.

What are the pros and cons of NightCafe?


  • This has an expansive library of user-generated artworks.
  • The simple and more straightforward interface is suitable for every skilled person.
  • This is a community-driven online platform for collaboration and inspiration.


  • The learning curve is suitable for advanced features.
  • An extensive range of premium features are only available in paid plans.
  • The scene generation and time-consuming 3D landscape are flexible.

5) Deep AI

Deep AI allows users to dive deep into the domain of AI-powered creativity. The Deep AI is your friendly guide, which will help blend professionalism with a dash of such casual flair. Let’s talk about who uses this software.

If you are a developer, then you can use the advanced features of DeepAI, which will allow you to incorporate AI into several projects in a seamless manner. You can easily use this Deep AI if you are an artist or designer. Above all, this can create resolution-independent vector images, a game changer.

What are the pros and cons of Deep AI?  


  • Deep AI offers extensive customization capabilities that will allow you to tailor images to your specific requirements.
  • This AI image generator will provide several stylistic options to adjust textures, colors, and other intricate details.
  • DeepAI incorporates an API, making this a suitable choice, especially for developers who wish to integrate it into their applications.


  • This has slow processing times, especially for large-scale image generation tasks.
  • Several advanced features exist, but you can only use them after payment.
  • The technical incorporation may prove intimidating if you are not a tech-savvy user. Above all, this could compromise your knowledge and help you create a less intuitive image.

6) Runway AI

Runway’s roots trace back to a large set of collaborations on such tools as the support of industry giants like Google and Stable Diffusion. Their two flagship models, Gen- 1 and Gen- 2 are known as Runway AI. Let’s talk about who can use this AI tool. This can be used by artists, content creators, and developers.

What are the pros and cons of Runway AI?


  • There is a large set of comprehensive toolkits which extend to video editing.
  • It provides 100 free high-definition images.
  • Runway AI software tool offers a large set of customizable plans that fit several requirements and business sizes.


  • This software tool has limited generation capabilities, especially in the free version.  
  • Runway AI has a large set of advanced features which might be challenging for newcomers.  
  • It requires a robust computing device, especially for intensive tasks.  

7) Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is tailored for today’s users, and this integrates smoothly with Bing chat. Many people searching for images these days can make the process of AI-powered images both user-friendly and more straightforward. Who can use this software tool? This can be used by artists, content creators, and innovators who can explore the latest AI image generation technology.

What are the pros and cons of Bing Image Creator?


  • This has easier accessibility with just a Microsoft account.
  • It uses advanced AI with several features, especially for realistic image generation.
  • It offers a large set of customization options that will refine image outputs.


  • This AI can occasionally produce several unexpected outputs.
  • This platform might face several challenges accurately while you are rendering text within such images.

8) Jasper Art

Jasper Art

The Jasper Art is an AI image tool made by the same team as the well-known Jasper AI. Rather than words, Jasper’s Art is all about visuals. It would help if you watched it spin your prompt into several vibrant images. This AI software app is for content creators and marketers.

What are the pros and cons of Jasper’s Art?


  • With the help of Jasper Art, you will be able to produce stunning AI-generated images in just less than 10 seconds.  
  • The AI images are generated watermark-free and royalty-free. This will make them suitable for immediate commercial use.  
  • Jasper art can quickly generate AI images. But its vast creative capabilities will also make it a versatile tool, especially for occupational use.


  • Its inability is all about utilizing reference images, which may be limiting. You are solely banking on text descriptions, which can sometimes restrict creative expression.
  • Moreover, some reports have natural renderings of faces and body extremities.

9) Starry AI

Starry AI

Starry AI is an automatic AI image generator that specializes in turning images. This utilizes machine learning algorithms to process images without requiring the user’s input. The unique feature of StarryAI is all about granting users full ownership of such generated images.

What are the pros and cons of Starry AI?


  • This offers a unique granular tool for personalized image generation.
  • This provides full ownership of several generated images without even watermarks.
  • Starry AI supports incorporation with several external systems, software, or applications.


  • This has a limited daily image generation in such a free plan. 
  • There needs to be more information available on pricing premium features.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the Instagram AI trend above in this article. In this case, the popularity of Instagram’s AI photo trend on social media is all about what you can take advantage of using creative tools. Hereafter, the tools mentioned above can easily build a unique image on the software application. These are for creating artistic and other creative AI images on Instagram.  

I hope you liked this article!

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