Simone Ashley As Vicountess Bridgerton: An Absolute Enigma!

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Did you know the actor who plays Kate Sharma in Bridgerton is Indian? If you have seen the Bridgerton series, you will know that the character’s background is Indian. And surprise, surprise, Simone Ashley, who plays the character, also has Tamil roots!

The first time we saw Simone was in another popular Netflix series, Sex Education. One of the most talented actors of recent times, Ashley has received huge popularity with her portrayal of Kate Sharma, now Viscountess Bridgerton. But is it only her performance that has won her fans?

Are we an enigma of her because of her performance, or is it because of that dynamic personality? Simone’s performance and her personality heavily inspire the zeal and vivaciousness that the character reflects. You can also see her in the new Bridgerton season 3!

Let me introduce you to the beautiful Tamilian-Indian-British actress who rose to fame with her character, Olivia Hanan, in the Netflix teenage drama series Sex Education. Let’s get into the actor’s life and her blooming career!

Simone Ashley as Viscountess Bridgerton: An Absolute Enigma!

Simone Ashley as Viscountess Bridgerton: An Absolute Enigma

In the supporting role of Olivia Hanan in the popular cult teenage drama Sex Education, Simone Ashley made her mark in the audience’s heart. A sassy portrayal of the character, Ashley is one of my favourites apart from India Amarteifio, the actor portraying the role of young Queen Charlotte in the Bridgerton prequel.

If you are wondering about do you need to watch Bridgerton before Queen Charlotte, I would say give the blog a read. You will get a better idea of it all. 

All the women characters in the Bridgerton series are strong, and their portrayal is significantly important for young girls, teens, and adult women. Yes, I watch the series, and as an adult woman, I have been inspired by a lot of social aspects portrayed in the series.

Simone Ashley’s popularity skyrocketed after being cast as the protagonist in the second season of Bridgerton opposite Jonathan Bailey. Do you know why she became that popular? Keep reading to find out.

Early Years

Born on March 30, 1995, Simone Ashley is a 28-year-old Aries from Surrey, England. Ashley is a British actress of South Asian descent who claims that becoming an actor was a little difficult.  

With an Indian family who followed traditions and believed in a career that originated from traditional academics, she went through some challenges. Considering she had no security or guarantee, it was initially very unsettling.


Simone has been acting from a very young age; initially, her parents were not comfortable with her professional choices. One of the first television series in which Simone Ashley grabbed a role was Wolfblood.

Then there was another series, Guilt, in which she performed as well. She also had a role in season 3 of Broadchurch and Doctors and Casualty. Sex Education is a Netflix series that has become something of a cult, and Simone Ashley received a substantial role.

Her character, Olivia, received a lot of screen space, and she created quite an awareness across the industry. This led to her being considered for the role of Kate Sharma in Bridgerton. After her portrayal in Bridgerton, she also appeared as Elise Fox in the series The Sister.

Apart from her breakthrough role in the Netflix series Sex Education, Simone Ashley has appeared in other movies, such as Kill Ben Lyk, Detective Pikachu (2019), and Boogie Man!

Did you know that Simone Ashley also appeared in a small role in the live-action movie Disney’s The Little Mermaid? Even though Halle Bailey was the protagonist, Ariel, Ashley portrayed the role of Indira, one of Ariel’s mer-sisters.

Rise to Fame

The character of Kate Sharma in Bridgerton season 2 was named Kate Sheffield in the novel by Julia Quinn, inspired by the season. In the novel, the character is part of the high society of London in the 1880s as the multi-racial world is stabilizing.

The series’ production team re-imagined the character and her family from the novel, keeping the character’s originality of ethnicity, personality, and background. So, what made the creators of Bridgerton cast Simone Ashley in the character of Kate Sharma?

Apparently, Simone gave an interview to Glamour magazine in which she expressed her interest in being cast as Kate Sharma. She revealed that she heard the news that the makers were interested in her for the second season.

Once she expressed her desire, she was cast within 14 days. After ten days, she did a read with Jonathan Bailey, and everything was set. She also met with Shonda Rimes and the team at Shondaland, which further ensured her position in the Bridgerton world.

Shonda describes Ashley as someone who “leaned into Kate’s flaws in a brave and creative way”! If you have seen the series, I am sure you will understand how humane her character is with all its beauty and issues.

Yes, she suffers from the elder daughter vibe, but what’s more, she is a headstrong woman who does not need a man to guide her. Furthermore, her South-Asian representation has been quite authentic, along with genuine enthusiasm, beauty, and charm.

Simone Ashley’s Net Worth

Simone Ashley is a rising star. She has gained popularity, love, and exposure through Netflix. Her net worth is currently estimated to be around $4 million.

With her recent performances, Ashley has not just catered to the audience but also stood strong as an actor. Considering she represents a whole community; Ashley has shown a constant positive attitude. Stardom has not taken away her humbleness!

Apart from Simone Ashley, you can also read about Rege-Jean Page net worth and how the Bridgerton series has contributed to it.

Bridgerton Breaking Barriers

The first social barrier issue highlighted in the series is significantly important to me! It is about the representation of South-Asian girls in movies and television series, which is not just a representation or symbolization of her culture.

Another important issue was the way dark skin was portrayed with ease. Starting from Lady Danbury, Bridgeton has been welcoming regarding showcasing the multi-ethnicity high society of London. Simone Ashley appropriately portrayed Kate Sharma’s complex character in many layers.

How can we forget the scenes in the series where yellow-coloured attire, decorations with the flower Dahlia, and turmeric are used to symbolize the good omen of a wedding? These elements significantly heightened the true representation of the culture along with celebrating diversity.

The ladies of the house applying turmeric to each other was something that took season 2 of Bridgerton to another level.

It just did not stay limited in season 2 because in the prequel, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, diversity has been shown. The character of Kate represents South-Asian Ethnicity, while the character of Queen Charlotte represents African heritage and ethnicity.

Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma was a Revelation!

The character of Kate Sharma was in all its glory, along with its little details that were not just a reflection of the South-Asian culture. The way the character was created, I could see a woman’s genuine perception, thoughts, personality, and ethnicity.

From her jewellery to her attire, the character’s Indian roots were celebrated. While growing up, I have hardly seen a genuine portrayal of a South-Asian character in Hollywood. Yes, I was excited about the Patil sisters in Harry Potter for some time, but that was just casting!

In the 1800s, another barrier was broken by a woman of another ethnicity with the guts to stand against wrongdoings, be opinionated, and be strong.

Unlike season one, the protagonist of season two was brave, with so many opinions, fierce and nuanced in the best possible way. She comes from a place of authenticity and truth; hence, it becomes very difficult to consider humility.

Finishing Off…

In short, Simone Ashley is one of the most talented actors in the industry who has gained quite some exposure in Netflix series, namely, Sex Education and Bridgerton Season Two. The breakout star has been acting from a young age, but it has been very recently that she has received significant exposure.

Her promising career is ahead, as her performance has layers, which ensures that she is not just a class performer but also a hard-working actress. Her years of struggle have finally earned her the recognition she deserves.

Comment on your thoughts about her role as Kate Sharma in the Bridgerton series.

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