Where is Queen Charlotte Filmed: Most stunning locations 

Where is Queen Charlotte Filmed: Most stunning locations 

Do you know who Queen Charlotte was? Are you a fan of Regency London, like me? Have you seen Bridgerton season 3 yet? If so, you must be interested in knowing the story behind the Queen. You will be surprised to learn that the Bridgerton series has a lot of facts, right?

But do you know where Queen Charlotte was filmed? There is not just one place, as there are many locations where the scenes from the prequel have been shot! I am bringing you a list of all these places that have been beautifully portrayed in the series.

Where is Queen Charlotte Filmed: Most Stunning Locations

Did you know that in Regency London, Bath was a huge thing in original times? Well, it still is! Travelers visit Bath to enjoy the place and the weather and experience the historic vibe and the regency feel.

Large chunks of shots from the prequel, Queen Charlotte, have used the Bath Assembly Rooms for the ballroom scenes. Other places, such as Beauford Square, Bath Street, Abbey Green, and Royal Crescent, have also been used in the Bridgerton series shots.

Let’s explore the character’s story and how it inspired the different places. These places have been identified as significant locations for shooting some of the best scenes of the prequel to Bridgerton.

Story of Queen Charlotte

So, the spin-off of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte, brings to the forefront the story of a young Queen trying to adjust to the changes and the environment around her.

Do you need to watch Bridgerton before Queen Charlotte? After she was set up with King George, there was a lot of confusion within her, and the series highlights that.

The Bridgerton prequel has been shot at some of the coolest places in England. Moreover, you get to see the beautiful art, architecture, and period pieces that flaunt all the palaces, manors, and estates.

Blenheim Palace

When you see the imperial Buckingham House or Buckingham Palace in the prequel, it is the exterior of Blenheim Palace. When the married monarchs, King George and Queen Charlotte, enter the palace on their first night in episode 1, you see this palace.

You also see this palace in episode 6; it is the backdrop of the final grand ball. This palace grabs eyeballs with all its majestic brilliance and beauty. The palace plays a significant role in the prequel of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton story filming.

The palace is a treasure trove of Baroque architecture and a rich legacy. Did you know that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Furthermore, the palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a British statesman.

The place has been used in many movies and series, including Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), The Young Victoria (2009), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007).

Firle Place

This property was used in the Queen Charlotte series as Violet Ledger’s home before marriage. It has a beautiful, eye-catching staircase and huge Georgian rooms. The country house or residence has been with the Gage Family for a long time.

The movie Emma (2020) was shot here, and the scenes are of where the heroine used to live. It represents Hartfield, Emma’s house! You can go on tours in this place, which is open from May to October. Furthermore, activities like clay pigeons are also organized here.

Waddesdon Manor

Do you remember the younger version of Violet Bridgerton? She was then Violet Ledger, daughter of Lord Ledger, and most of her scenes with her father were shot in Waddesdon Manor, a grand palace in Buckinghamshire. You will be surprised to know that another popular series, The Crown (2016), was shot here.

You will also find that the scenes showing the budding romance between a young Lady, Danbury, and Lord Ledger took place here. The scenes were shot in this manner, along with other outdoor areas shot in this country house. This estate is one of the most visited places in England!

When you look at the architecture, you will see that the manor has a magnificent French Renaissance-style castle. The property belongs to the National Trust! Did you know the building has a huge art collection, bird sanctuary, scenic gardens, and a huge woodland playground?

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Belton House

When you see the Kew Palace in the second episode of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, you are looking at the Belton House. The palace is in Lincolnshire! Did you know that some scenes from Dr. Monro’s lab have also been filmed in this movie?

When you see King George’s Garden, you see the Belton House. This house is where King George stays away from Queen Charlotte most of the time. Furthermore, there is another scene where Queen Charlotte is at the Buckingham House Orangery.

This scene is in the house. Yes, the exterior of the observatory where King George spends his time is shot in the estate. In contrast, the interiors, which you will see, are shot at the Shinfield Studios, where we saw a giant telescope along with some iconic art statues in the prequel, Queen Charlotte.

The property is filled and surrounded by formal gardens across 1300 acres (about twice the area of Central Park in New York City) of parkland! You probably don’t know that it is a National Trust Property! There is also a well-stocked library, a cafe, and an adventure playground.

Badminton Estate

Located in Gloucestershire, the Badminton House, spread across 52,000 acres, has been used as the filming location for the interior rooms of Danbury Estate. This place is used for most scenes where Lady Agatha Danbury is at her estate.

Did you know this estate has been the principal seat of the Dukes of Beaufort since the 17th century? It is a rumor that the Eighth Duke of Beaufort invented the name when playing with children in the winter of 1863. They used lightweight shuttlecocks so that they did not damage the art.

However, it is a tale with no evidence; hence, it is still debatable whether this story was just exported from British India! Some of the estate’s buildings are rented out for weddings and other celebratory occasions.

Wilton House

The Wilton House is in the background of the introduction of Queen Charlotte in the prequel, along with some of the settings of St. James’s Palace. Even the interior of this house is used as the place where Queen Charlotte was born, the Untere Schloss in Germany.

The place is in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and has been the home of the Earls of Pembroke for more than 400 years. It has also been used as a backdrop for other period pieces, such as Young Victoria, The Crown, Pride & Prejudice, Outlander, and Sense & Sensibility.

With so many scenes in the adult-grade movie, do you think you need Queen Charlotte a Bridgerton story parents guide?

Merton College

If you fell in love with King George’s and Queen Charlotte’s royal wedding, you should know it was shot at Merton College. A 13th-century chapel, the 17th-century building is one of the most beautiful and prestigious colleges at Oxford University.

So, episode 1 has been shot here. It is beautiful, and the seats near the altar face each other instead of the altar. It is used to portray the Chapel Royal in St. James’ Place.

Hampton Court Palace

This palace is in Richmond, another location in England where the previous two seasons of Bridgerton have been shot. From the Privy Garden to Fountain Court, from Master Carpenter’s Court to King’s Stairs, this place has got to show itself off.

While various interior scenes have been shot in this place, several exterior scenes have also been shot here. For example, the exteriors of Queen Charlotte’s Palace, Bath’s Assembly Room, and the Danbury Estate were also resembled by using these place’s exterior shots.

Finishing Off…

In short, now that you know where Queen Charlotte was filmed, all the different places representing the rich history of the monarchy, what do you think of it? Are you one of those who love knowing different places and what has been shot there? Then, this blog is for you.

After reading this blog, I am sure you were quite excited to learn that several other period movies and television series have been shot in these places.

Comment on which place has been your favorite, including its look in the series and why!

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