Mark Orchard is a famous former footballer of the Austrian team. This Irish descent footballer. He played with Collingwood. He was the ex-spouse of Savannah Guthrie, a well-known American attorney and BBC broadcast journalist.

Let’s see a small glimpse of his biography.


Biography Of Manny Montana

Biography Of Manny Montana

Mark was born and raised in Ballarat, Australia. But apart from this information, there is no extra information regarding his family. The identity of his parents is still in the dark. There is no news about his siblings.

Mark was a former athlete in his college days at St. Patrick College. After completing his college studies, he was moved into the Australian Collingwood football club. That was 1997. He signed the agreement with teams of Sydney Swans. He participated in the Australian Football League.

Mark Orchard was in a relationship with American Journalist Savannah Guthrie. In addition, Savannah and Mark met in 2005. And in 2009, they got separated by mutual divorce.

Mark’s Height And Weight

There is no such news about his body measurements. However, I have the information about the height and weight of the player.

Here are the accurate height and weight measurements of the Mark.

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 75 kilograms
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mark’s Relationships

Mark Orchard Relationships

Mark Orchard Savannah Guthrie’s husband. Now you know who Mark Orchard is. But there is no such information about Mark Orchard’s parents or siblings. Only we all know about his relationships.

Mark was in a romantic relationship with American journalist Savannah Guthrie. However, before that relationship, he was also in a relationship with Anne Elise Kornblut. She was also a professional journalist.

The relationship with Savannah only lasted for four years. In 2009 they got separated. In addition, after Savanah and Mark got separated, she was remarried to Michael Feldman. These couples welcomed two children, Vale and Charley.

Mark Orchard Age

Mark Orchard was born in 1976. He is now 46 years old till April 2022.

Here are some of the birth details of Mark. However, if you have queries regarding his age, you can easily count his exact age from the detailed information.

  • Age: 46 years old as of 2022
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Date Of Birth: 2nd April 1976
  • Place Of Birth: Ballarat East in Australia

Mark Orchard Net Worth

Mark Orchard’s net worth is $5 million. His income source is football. According to the Mark Orchard BBC news, his current annual income is still unknown. But he has various sources of income. However, this is the reason he earns a pretty good wealth.

Details about Mark’s Net Worth.

  • Net Worth: $1 million and $5 million
  • Salary: Under Review
  • Source Of Income: Rules Footballer

Mark Orchard Wife

Mark Orchard Wife

He also works as a BBC presenter. He first married Anne Elise Kornblut in 2002. The first marriage of the Mark Orchard was held at Ashby Inn in Paris. But their relationship does not go well. However, they got separated in 2005. She was the daughter of Jane Kornblut and Arthur T. Kornblum.

After their unsuccessful marriage, he was moved on. And then he marries Savannah Guthrie. But in 2009, Mark and Savannah Guthrie finished their marriage. Still, now there is no news coming for any relationships.

His claim to fame was through his relationship with Savannah Guthrie however, they have broken up and their marriage has ended. In his early life, Orchard mostly spent his days in Australia in the state of Victoria.

A unique revelation about the man is that no one knows about his parents; however, he has been highlighted with an athletic and successful career at the college level only. It was in the year 1997 that he became involved with the Sydney Swans teams.

They met through their profession as Guthrie was a journalist who got involved with Orchard after they met a few times for an interview after 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Who Mark Orchard Is?

Ans: Mark Orchard is a well-known Australian footballer. He is a famous player who played with the Collingwood team and Sydney Swans teams. We all know his name from the Australian Football League. He is of Irish descent, and he is an Ex-spouse of well-known broadcast journalist Savannah Guthrie.

2. How Old Is Mark?

Ans: Mark Orchard is now 46 years old. He was born in 1976. In addition, if you are continuing his age, you will see from that year. He is now 46 years old.

3. How Much Is Mark Worth?

Ans: Mark’s worth is 1$ to 5$ million. But as of now, the earning information is still unknown. Mark’s real worth measurements are tricky. However, there is very little information available about his earnings and bank balances.

4. Where Does Mark Orchard Live?

Ans: He does not share any of his exact locations. Because of security concerns, he does not share any of his present locations and other information. However, even you can’t find any images of his houses. This is the reason he does not share any information regarding his present locations.

5. How Can You Make The Contact With Mark Orchard?

Ans: He has multiple contact options for 
i. Instagram
ii. Twitter
iii. YouTube
iv. Facebook
v. Tiktok
vi. And his personal blog.

All of these contact options are available to make the connections with Mark Orchard.


Mark Orchard does not open his contact details with anyone. But you can text him or message him from his social media pages. Unfortunately, after he took the divorce from Savannah Guthrie, he was no longer in touch with any newspapers or publishers. But he is pretty alive, and he is in good health. So if you have questions regarding Mark Orchard, you can leave a message on his social media profiles.

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