Toluna – Features, Earning Option, Profits

Toluna - Features, Earning Option, Profits

You must have come across some Toluna survey at least at one point while you are busy surfing the internet. Toluna is a famous paid survey site.

With the help of this, you will be able to make affiliate links and earn money in return for a commission. Once you create a survey through Toluna, you will be able to earn money.

In this article, we will mainly learn about the social voting platform named Toluna. Apart from that, you will learn various aspects of Toluna, along with major features.

Furthermore, you will know about the various benefits that come with Toluna if you do social voting. Hence, if you want to know in detail, read on through to the end of the article.

What is Toluna? – A Few Things You Need To Know  

What is Toluna – Few Things You Need To Know

Toluna Influencers is a famous platform for the social voting platform. Basically, it is a site where you can create surveys.

Furthermore, it is also a social platform where you can share your content. It is present in 49 countries and can be accessed in 29 languages.

As Toluna influencers, you can create Toluna surveys and share affiliate links with others. With a certain number of clicks on that link, you will be able to earn money through the platform.

On the other hand, if you influence brands on the Toluna platform by carrying out surveys, you can earn too. Hence, you can contribute to the community.

Toluna: A General Overview  

The following are the major general details that you will need to know about the Toluna platform:

Platform Information
Minimum Age of Influencer16
Countries of operation49 countries
Sign up Bonus   500 points
Earnings per hour$3.43
Payout OptionsGift Cards, PayPal
Minimum Payout             $5-$10 (changes subject to location)
Work Volume   A few times a week         
Available platformAndroid, iOS, Web
Payment Speed1-21 business days (average of 15 days)
Ways of earningSurveys, games, polls, contests, referrals
Company Information
FounderFrederic-Charles Petit
Parent CompanyToluna Corporate
Location1 Bis Rue Collange 92300 Levallois-Perret Paris, France
Social PresenceFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Contact Details– Contact page: 203-834-8585
SSL CertificateYes
Privacy Policy
Terms And Conditions
User Data PrivacyUnclear

Is Toluna A Legit Platform And Safe?  

Is Toluna A Legit Platform And Safe

Yes, it is fully legit. The Toluna platform is quite popular, and the company is also quite famous and large. Furthermore, the company is also open and transparent about its work and who they are. If you do a little search, it will be easier for you to find out.

Apart from that, there are many reviews of the platform elsewhere on many different review sites. In addition to many good reviews, you will also find some negative reviews about the platform.

However, there are many cases where accounts were banned, and payments were not sent or failed. Despite that, in most cases, the payments are legit and successful.

How Does Toluna Work?  

How Does Toluna Work

One of the main things that you must know about Toluna is that the platform collects quite a lot of data. In most cases, the data are related to demographics.

However, although they claim to protect your information, there have been cases where the data is shared with third parties.

In terms of the work processes, Toluna works like any other paid survey site, where you will be able to create affiliate links. The company makes money by enabling brands to take surveys of consumers.

If you are an influencer, you can also earn through the platform. As a matter of fact, the company takes a part of the revenue, and you get a commission for their earning.

Now that you have signed up on the website, you will be able to have access to various earning options and methods. You will have all the options to take part in polls, surveys, content, games, etc.

After you complete each survey, you will earn points. For every 3000-3250 points, you will earn USD $1. However, this amount is subject to change based on the location where you are present.

Top Pros And Cons Of The Toluna Platform  

The following are some of the major pros and cons of the Toluna Influencer platform:


The following are the Pros of Toluna:

  • In comparison to other sites, the rate of payment is quite high.
  • The surveys are short and easy to go through.
  • The rate of disqualification is also quite low.
  • You will come across a large inventory of surveys, and you can sort them as per the payout options.
  • The minimum cash-out option is not high. You can do that for as little as $10.


The following are the major cons of Toluna:

  • There are frequent sign-up problems and other account-related problems. You also might be temporarily banned from the site without any particular reason.
  • The disqualification rate is quite high at 64%.
  • Outdated “community” features.

Toluna Reviews – Top User Reviews  

Here are some of the major user reviews regarding Toluna that you must look for:

Damon:So far so good with Toluna I redeemed my first $20 PayPal reward and it took 2 weeks to arrive in my account. I assume that is due to a quality check of the surveys completed. The only issues I have had is a few bugs in some of the surveys I have entered and they crash.”


Benjamin:I was really enjoying using this site but then randomly when I accumulated 60k in points I wasn’t able to log in. I contacted them and was sent instructions to reset my password, which didn’t work.


Mark:Too many surveys tell you “you don’t fit the criteria” after you have spent time completing them, even the long ones! So you receive no reward for your time.”


Jordan Webb:Shame you cannot give zero stars. Awful website, constant issues. Surveys are rare, payments are atrocious. Cancelling my account as it is a complete waste of time.”


The Best Toluna Alternatives

In recent times, Toluna has been one of the best research and survey alternatives, which will help you meet your requirements. Below, I am going to discuss the best Toluna alternatives in 2023. 

1) QuestionPro

One of the leading SaaS survey solution companies that will help you to do research and allow you to make better business decisions is QuestionPro. Their software is relatively easy to use, and it comes with many extraordinary tools for sending out, creating, and analyzing online surveys, forms, quizzes, etc. 

The Key Features Of QuestionPro

  • QuestionPro has more than 300 free templates, over 40 types of questions, and an extensive range of survey reports.
  • They offer over 40 qualitative and quantitative reports in Word, PDF, and Excel. 
  • The customer care team is available for up to 24 hours, which will make sure your assignment goes successfully. 

2) Zoho Survey 

One of the easiest-to-use survey tools that will help you to learn more about is Zoho Survey. On the other hand, you will be able to find out how loyal they are easily, get customer feedback, and easily manage your online reputation. 

The Key Features Of Zoho Survey

  • With the help of this online money-making feature, you can easily make charts and other graphics.
  • You can use the question branches, follow-up questions, and logic features to do surveys.
  • With this online money-making apk, you will get multi-lingual support. 

3) Alchemer 

Another one of the top alternatives of Toluna is Alchemer. The Alchemer survey software will give your organization access to powerful customer feedback software. The IT of this money-making software apk has complete visibility and security control. 

The Key Features Of Alchemer

  • The Alchemer has an unlimited number of questions and surveys per survey.
  • This money-making software has entire security protocols for your business. 

4) Typeform 

Another money-making survey tool and one of the best alternatives of Toluna is to get respondents to converse with each other rather than just asking them many questions. This survey apk is easier to control and easier to fill out as well. 

Key Features Of Typeform

  • Typeform offers an easy-to-use dashboard and builder.
  • The engaging survey-designed interface is one of the highlighting parts of this survey tool.

Summing Up  

In this article, we have provided you with the necessary details that you need to know about Toluna. Although you can use the Toluna Influencers platform to earn money, you will have to make sure that you get an idea of the platform from the user reviews.

However, if you still want to explore the platform, you can still look up and use the affiliate links. Have you already used the Toluna Influencers platform? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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